3D Visuals for Skyscraper Design Exterior

3D renderings are a game-changing tool for many industries. Save obvious benefits for the cinema, it is the way to impress customers and convey their ideas through photorealistic visuals – to present them to the audience and secure the mutual understanding, sell projects and win awards. Quite literally, CGI hit like a tsunami, so those who seized the opportunity found new ways to develop their businesses.

As a 3D rendering company, we are privileged not only to witness the beginnings of this new era but also to actively participate in it. As we create top-quality photorealistic CGI for Architecture, Interior Design,  Real Estate, and Product Management, we know exactly what incredible opportunities 3D brought to these industries as both businesses and art. Wonder what these might be? Read up and find out!

#1. CGI in Real Estate

3D Visualization for Skyscraper Exterior View

Before the advent of 3D renderings, real estate sphere was suffering from the lack of high-quality visual advertising materials. When a developer needed to pre-sell an apartment, he used a lot of different ads like billboards, magazines, and videos. It was incredibly hard to sell unexisting real estate without high-quality renders. Furthermore, when it came to pitching in front of investors, using only words and charisma was a very weak position. Investors needed a lot more than dry facts and numbers, they needed to see the final result in which they will invest.

Photorealistic 3D renderings solved these problems once and for all. With the help of top quality renders developers are selling any house more easily and investors are able to examine every detail of their future project.

Talking about realtors, they had their own problems. For example, how to sell an existing house but with grey and empty interior? There was always an unpopular option to pay a lot of money and buy some new furniture to take pictures. But now people can use virtual staging and renovation. Virtual staging is when one takes a picture of a dull empty space and fills it with furniture and decor, thus making it more interesting for prospects. As for digital renovation, it shows what n old shabby place will look like once freshly repainted, with new furniture, decor, and flooring. So, there is no need to actually buy furniture or renovate anything.

#2. 3D Renderings for Architecture

3D Visualization for Office Building

Before the last years, it was a challenge to explain the concept to a client who can’t read drawings and doesn’t have a design background. And if the client misunderstood something, he could then be disappointed with the real design. So  CGI, most notably exterior 3D renderings, provided an opportunity to convey a vision as clearly as possible and to achieve complete understanding with customers.

Moreover, CGI has transformed the way Architects present their ideas at competitions. Before 3D rendering and animation appeared, it was tough to show how the concept benefited people, the city, fit into the surrounding landscape and highlight all the amazing innovative functions it boasts. Now with 3D technologies, it is entirely possible – in photoreal quality, and in motion if needed.

#3. 3D Renders for Interior Design