5 Advantages of VR for Architecture Presentation You Don't Know

Architecture Presentation is a key factor for project success. For no matter how qualified the Architect is, he still needs to be able to present his expert opinion in the right way. To do that, he relies on special presentation tools  – moodboards, drawings. Or you can get 3D Rendering Services. But do you find these means reliable and super effective? Let’s think.

Have you ever been in the situation when after all the efforts you put into an architecture presentation fail – inexplicably? You worked with all the references, brought a detailed moodboard and 40 drawings with different views. You lost your voice after a whole hour of talking. As you finished the pitch and waited for reaction, you hear the following: “I don’t understand. Don’t know… I’ll think about it”. Then the customer leaves to never contact you again. One more promising cooperation is off.

Another scenario of Architecture Presentation.

The fifth meeting took place. You’ve spent two nights without sleep – making all the changes you were asked for. Again. You did exactly as you were asked, but the client declared that the service is outrageous. Then he changed everything again and left furious. So you go to the office and set down to work. You practically create a new project from scratch for tomorrow morning. For the deadline is still on… You glance at the clock. It’s half past midnight, and there’s still plenty of work.

And another one.

The client is happy and approves the project. Then you proudly show the outcome, ready to compliments and congratulations you deserved. But instead you hear:“ That’s not what I wanted! How could you do this? You are supposed to be a professional!” As you go home confused, manager calls and asks what has happened. It appears that the client left a bad review on the site, and you are to face the music.

Was the client unhappy? Definitely. Were you to blame? Doesn’t look so. You did all you could and even more.

So, you have a choice here. Either you dismiss these cases as casualties, or do something to prevent them. And I suggest you look at the means you use for your Architecture presentations.

Are moodboards and drawings really the best you can do? Do they give the audience the full picture? Are they at the height of your project?

We’ve already spoke a lot on the benefits of the Architectural Visualization for Project Presentation.  Today, I’d like to tell about another tool. A promising state-of-the-art technology with persuasion effect second to none – Virtual Reality .

Virtual Reality Saves The Day

Many generations of Architects were taught to work only with moodboards and drawings. Unfortunately, education is always somewhat behind the progress. Little surprise then that Architects see Virtual Reality as a supertechnological game. Very fun, but rather useless.

Meanwhile, VR can improve the workflow and make the communication with client effective. And to those, who think that nothing can outdo moodboards and drawings, I suggest to read the following. We’ve gathered 5 main features to show the superiority of VR over conventional means. Enjoy the read and think!