When it comes to presenting a building complex concept to an investor, architects face a great challenge. First, they need to show a massive ensemble of structures in a way that is comprehensible to a person who most likely has no background in architecture. Then, it’s crucial to make the deck visually appealing so that the viewers stay engaged throughout the entire pitch. All that — to convince investors to approve a large-scale project, which is a huge financial commitment. How can one achieve all that without breaking a sweat? The answer is — with a 3D architecture presentation!

As an architectural visualization studio, we have a lot of experience creating CGI for all kinds of building complex designs. Whether your project is commercial, residential, or industrial, we can always help you present it in the most informative and visually stunning way. Now, let’s take a look at 5 reasons a CG architecture presentation can get you any project deal!

#1. CG Visualization Allows to Show Exterior Design In Great Detail

Atmospheric 3D Visualization for a Building Complex Design

First of all, a 3D architecture presentation allows you to clearly showcase your vision of the exterior of a building complex. You can demonstrate it from different angles with street, aerial, bird’s-eye, worm’s-eye, and close-up views. Looking at a photorealistic 3D render, your client will easily see the overall geometry of the structures and appreciate the chosen finishing materials. In this case, CG images work perfectly as a preview of the final result. And, most importantly, the viewers don’t need to have any professional training in architecture to understand such visuals.

#2. A 3D Architecture Presentation Effectively Demonstrates a Complex’s Infrastructure

3D Architecture Presentation of a Factory Project

In a complex, every building has its own location and purpose that are meticulously thought through. And during a concept presentation, you have to convince the investor that the way you plan to organize the place is the most optimal one. With CGI, you can show every structural element separately, as well as the whole ensemble, to explain its infrastructure in detail.

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

For instance, in a mixed-use complex, there can be residential buildings, a business center, a mall, a gym, a dog park, etc. Also, it can include some facilities for disabled people, points of collecting items for recycling, and other important functional zones. Overall, using 3D exterior visualization, you can demonstrate each part of a complex in a real-life context to visually explain its functionality.

#3. Architectural CGI Correctly Depicts the Scale of the Project

High-Quality Architectural CGI for a Futuristic Hotel Complex

Since building complexes are massive structures, it’s important to let the investors fully appreciate their scale. With a 3D architecture presentation, you can do that effortlessly. For instance, by showing your concept in a street view, you will give your audience a clear understanding of the size of the structures, as there will be people, cars, and other buildings to compare it to.

#4. CG Architecture Presentation Showcases a Design In Its Actual Surroundings

Knowing what a group of buildings will look like in its future surroundings is absolutely crucial for investors. And the best way to show how the design will fit in the area where it will be built is with a 3D architecture presentation. For instance, the 3D renders above depict a resort complex right where it’s planned to be constructed. Moreover, they showcase the concept in both summer and winter settings. This way, the viewers can immediately tell if they love the design as it is or if there are some aspects they want to change.

#5. High-Quality CGI Helps to Show the Concept with Different Lighting

Another thing any architect’s client always wants to know is what their buildings will look like at different times of the day — with natural and artificial lighting. And with a CG architecture presentation, they can get the full picture. For instance, take a look at the 3D renders above. If you saw the daytime version only, you’d never guess how translucent the material of the house walls would appear in the evening with external lights turned on. In this case, the nighttime image is absolutely essential for covering all the bases at a presentation.

Now you know 5 ways a 3D architecture presentation can help you successfully demonstrate your concepts to clients. As you can see, there are no tricks here — just the power of CGI to perfectly depict your vision down to the last detail. Which, most importantly, gives you the possibility to fully convey all the design aspects to an audience of investors with no training in architecture.

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Ana Wayne
Content Writer, Copywriter

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