Architects often find themselves in complicated work situations, where they need some extra help from the outside. Usually, those situations are quite the same every time. Therefore, many specialists look for a universal solution, something they can always rely on. And as simple as it may sound, there are at least 5 common crisis situations that can be resolved by partnering with an architectural rendering studio.

However, those who don’t use CGI services on a regular basis might be skeptical about it. What if a studio lets them down at the very last moment? What if it takes too long to produce the visuals? Or if their quality isn’t high enough? Well, those concerns are understandable. This is why it’s so important to learn as much as possible about 3D rendering and the opportunities it offers. So, let’s see how an architectural 3D rendering studio can help an architect out of the toughest work situations!

#1. Facing Strong Competition At Tenders

architectural rendering studio tender applications

When an architecture professional participates in tenders, their offer is reviewed side-by-side with offers from other competitors. Obviously, visuals are the first thing that commissions see when they select the winners. Therefore, great ideas must be supported by equally great images.

Furthermore, a professional rendering studio can produce visuals so realistic that they are virtually indistinguishable from photos. This makes the images not only beautiful but also informative. As a result, an architectural project illustrated with high-quality 3D renders will definitely stand out among competitors’ offers.

#2. Presenting To Top-Level Investors

3D rendering for an architectural project pitch

The biggest investors want only the best specialists for their projects. Here, it’s not just about the quality of design or budget constraints. It’s also about an architect’s image, their reputation. Which is why they absolutely need a perfectly polished, professional-looking presentation. Plus, it’s good to have a well-curated portfolio of previous works to showcase one’s expertise. In this case, 3D rendering allows to achieve an on-brand look across all the images.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

Then, it’s really difficult to get full attention from investors with a stretched-out pitch filled with abstract concepts and ideas. Therefore, a presentation must be as concise and specific as possible. An architect should be prepared to explain all the design decisions, the choice of materials, and so on. And an architectural rendering studio can help with that tremendously by creating flawless, impressive visuals that will likely minimize the amount of criticism from top-tier stakeholders.

#3. Making Last-Moment Changes

architectural CGI turnaround time

Well, this is a classic situation, which happens to everyone every once in a while. At the same time, one can never be quite prepared for it. And architecture professionals that prefer working with traditional sketches, drafts, and hand-made scaled models suffer the most in this case. Fortunately for them, there is CGI technology. It allows to quickly introduce changes into already existing 3D models without making any mistakes along the way.

Furthermore, an architectural rendering studio will always have an architect’s back in case they want to create a scaled project model after all. It can be 3D-printed with the use of a virtual 3D model as a reference. With modern technology, a 3D-printed model can be extremely detailed and even replicate all the materials that will be used in construction. In fact, this is why 3D printing for architecture has become very popular recently.

#4. Conveying Ideas To Construction Teams

conveying ideas with 3D renders

Whenever a project has a complex design, an architect faces an extra challenge of explaining their concept to construction teams. In such cases, having an architectural rendering studio to create photorealistic visualization truly helps a lot. It allows everyone involved in the construction process to understand their tasks clearly, as well as to maintain the main vision. This way, architecture and construction professionals can speak the same language and avoid counter-productive conflicts.

To achieve even better results, one can use building information modeling services to create intelligent BIM models. They help to further improve communication and the overall construction process. Because with BIM, every change, every addition to the 3D model is automatically reflected in all views, such as floor plans, elevations, etc. This leaves practically no room for mistakes of any kind. Also, both BIM and regular 3D models can be viewed in AR technology, showing what needs to be done right on site.

#5. Participating In Architectural Events

This is when architects need to do their absolute best to showcase their projects. Be it a conference, an exhibition or a fair, one must prepare the visuals to be displayed very thoroughly. After all, professional communities are the most competitive and judgemental of their own. Luckily, partnering with an architectural rendering studio can help to dial that stress down to a minimum.

First of all, a CGI studio can create new content for an architect using materials from their finished projects. For instance, they can make 3D renders in bigger dimensions for printed banners. Then, it’s also possible to create a CGI architectural animation, which will definitely get a lot of attention at a conference or an expo. And finally, CGI offers unlimited room for imagination, so an architect can add some creativity to the visuals. For example, by creating an immersive VR experience or a series of images showing a lifecycle of a project.

So, those were the 5 most stressful situations that any specialist encounters from time to time. As one can clearly see, working with an architectural rendering studio to avoid failure in those situations can actually be an efficient solution. Even more so if one finds a trustworthy studio for a long-term partnership. Overall, adopting CGI allows to get stunning visuals, cut time and cost of their production, and make an architect’s work more enjoyable.

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