The architectural walkthrough is a solution to major business problems for developers and architects. Like, what can be worse than failing to present a real estate project to investors? To attract investments, a developer needs to showcase the most appealing sides of the design, demonstrate how the project complies with the master plan, how it benefits the city and fits in the surroundings, show the competitive advantage that will help sell the apartments fast and at a sweet price, etc. And throughout the pitch, it’s necessary to entertain investors to keep their attention.

The architects need to do pretty much the same to land a deal. What an incredible amount of effort! Which can totally be avoided using the architectural walkthrough.

The tool helps developers and architects to do all of the following, and many more. Basically, the architectural walkthrough helps investors, buyers, and interior design clients to see the design’s real value. As a result, all focus is on the project and not on the developer’s or architect’s oratorical skills. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see what exactly 3D animation services can do.

#1. Architectural Walkthrough Provides for Immersive Visual Experience

Unlike a set of still 3D renders, 3D animation takes the viewer on a whole visual journey. It allows them to see every room one by one, as if they were actually walking through the place. The same goes for any outside spaces like terraces, patios, gardens, pools, and other spots there might be. Overall, a CG walkthrough makes an architectural concept presentation a more seamless and captivating visual experience for your client.

#2. CG Animation Helps Viewers to Understand the Dimensions and Proportions of a Space

It can be difficult to understand the actual size and proportions of spaces from pictures that only show a couple of views. Fortunately, you can make things a whole lot easier for your clients by using an architectural walkthrough together with regular 3D renders. This way, your customers will be able to see every corner of every room in a CG video instead of only viewing some areas in separate images. As a result, they’ll have a much clearer understanding of the place’s scale and dimensions.

#3. CG Walkthrough Allows You to Add Storytelling to Your Presentation

Another thing about 3D architectural animation is that it doesn’t just show your design to the viewer — it makes them fall in love with it. All thanks to the variety of storytelling features you can use in this kind of CGI. That includes different camera movements, special effects, music, voiceovers, and titles. Using any combination of those in a 3D walkthrough, you can communicate not just the design aspects, but also the mood and atmosphere of the place. This way, your clients will easily picture what it will feel like to be inside that space when it’s finished.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

#4. Architectural 3D Video Can Show Your Concept In a Dynamic Change of Setting

An important aspect of any architectural presentation is showing how the appearance of both the interior and exterior transforms as day shifts to night. Because when a place is filled with daylight, it looks and feels different from when it is lit by artificial lighting. So, it’s crucial to comprehensively showcase both settings. And with a CG architectural walkthrough, you can do exactly that, and even more. What you can have is a smooth transition between the two settings in a time-lapse. And when your clients see their future home at that breathtaking sunset turning into a starry night, their emotional involvement in the project will skyrocket.

#5. CG Walkthrough Helps to Demonstrate a Project’s Surroundings

While still 3D renders are normally focused on the immediate surroundings of a building, CG animation makes it easy to showcase a lot more. Namely, you can take your customers on a virtual trip through the entire neighborhood around their property, giving the necessary real-life context. And if you manage to get drone footage of the actual location, CGI specialists will be able to seamlessly insert a 3D model of your design into the video. That will make the CG animation not only hyperrealistic but also more affordable, since there will be no need to model the environment from scratch.

Complete the brief for your perfect 3D animation easily

Now you know about the 5 main benefits of a 3D architectural walkthrough that can help you pitch your ideas even more successfully. We hope that you found inspiration in this article and are now ready to try something new to up your presentation game.

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