It is hard to overestimate the benefits of exterior 3D architectural visualization. Architects, developers, and real estate experts widely apply this tool, and for a good reason. They use CG visuals for advertising their services and making compelling project presentations.

One of the main advantages of architectural 3D exterior visualization is that it realistically depicts not only the building but also its surroundings. This provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of a project. Also, it can help highlight the selling points. By ordering exterior visualizations showing a building in several settings, it is possible to show how the materials used for design work in different lighting conditions. On top of that, the environment in which a project is presented sets the atmosphere in the renders.

So, choosing the best context is an essential step in creating show-stopping architectural 3D visualization. There are many factors that the client should consider. The list includes the time of the day, weather conditions, lighting, and contextual elements. To assist our clientele in making this choice, we decided to show how the same exterior can look in 7 various settings. Take a look at these 3D renders created by our architectural visualization studio and choose the option that works best for your project!

#1. A sunny day

Exterior 3D Architectural Visualization of a Building in Daytime

This exterior 3D architectural visualization demonstrates the building on a warm and sunny day. The blue sky, bright sunlight, fresh green grass all details work together to set a vivid and pleasant atmosphere. We recommend paying attention to how masterfully the 3D artist depicted the shadows of trees falling on the house and the ground. Recreating lights and shadows realistically is an essential element of 3D visualization. And they are absolutely flawless in this rendering. The surroundings in this architectural CG render complement the exterior design and give a complete understanding of how it will look in reality.

#2. A rainy day

Exterior 3D Architectural Visualization of a Building in the Rain

This architectural 3D visual shows the same property and the same location but in different weather. The sky is clouded, and it is raining. This setting conveys a completely different mood compared to the previous one. To better express the atmosphere, a figure of a girl in bright red clothes has been added to the picture. She hides from the rain under the roof. Her presence emphasizes the contrast between the cold rain outside and the warmth waiting for the girl inside the house. Also, the lights in the building are on, which gives it a cozy and inviting feel. This building looks like a perfect place to escape the drizzle.

#3. A cloudy day

CG Exterior Render Showing a Modern Building in Context

This exterior 3D architectural visualization is simple but eye-catching at the same time. The modern white building is shown under an overcast sky. Since there are no distracting contextual elements in the CG image, all of the attention of the audience is aimed towards the house itself. When looking at this render, a viewer can easily notice how expertly the 3D artist recreated the building’s structure and materials.

#4. A starry night

CG Exterior Render Showing a Modern Building in Nighttime

This realistic exterior rendering demonstrates the building in the nighttime. The viewers can see the dark shadows of the trees and the light of the shining stars. Despite the darkness, the exterior design can be thoroughly examined thanks to the switched-on lights inside the house. They make the building look very homey and welcome. Here, the audience can notice one of the best advantages of such a setting. It allows one to see the impact of an exterior lighting system in full glory. Which is possible only at night.

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#5. Sunset

CG Exterior Render Showing a Modern White Building

An exterior 3D architectural visualization can convey any desired atmosphere. This rendering, for instance, sets an enchanting and charming ambiance. The sunset, soft pink light, and clear blue sky with a hint of rosy shade work together, creating a dreamy and a little romantic vibe. Such a lighting solution definitely adds character to this CG picture

#6. A 3D rendering with few contextual elements

CG Exterior Render Showing a Building Surrounded by People

All the previous 3D visualization examples include few to none contextual elements. The focus in them is put solely on the house and its surroundings. While in this 3D image, a viewer can see a couple of additional details. There are people sitting outside the house, others taking a walk around, cars parked near the entrance. There is even a flock of birds flying in the sky. These contextual elements help to convey a warm, friendly atmosphere of the location. They liven up the picture, evoking positive emotions with the viewers. 

#7. A CG rendering with many contextual elements

CG Exterior Render Showing a Building and Many Contextual Details

In comparison with the previous example of exterior 3D architectural visualization, this one includes a lot of contextual elements. Some would think that they distract a viewer from examining the house itself. However, these elements play an important role. They assist in setting the right mood and bringing the exterior 3D visualization to life. The blooming flowers, colorful air balloons, merry people all these details awaken the imagination. They help the viewer understand how the place will look and feel in reality.

We hope these 7 photoreal renders provided our readers with a better understanding of settings for exterior 3D architectural visualization. We are sure that this will assist them in making the right choice for their CGI projects. So, our clients will choose the ones that emphasize the best sides of their architectural designs. Our seasoned 3D artists will gladly make a 3D visualization showing a project in any possible context. You name it!

7 Types of Settings for Exterior CGI

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