Every designer must know how to explain design ideas to clients properly and clearly. After all, clients may not even know exactly what they want! This is why designer has  to convey the idea of the project as accurately as possible. However this task can be very difficult. You can’t always explain complicated design ideas verbally. Also, if the project is really challenging, you have to control implementation process, so that everything goes according to the plan.

As a result, making sure that all suggestions and requirements are taken into account becomes stressful and time-consuming. You need to spend more time with the customer to discuss and agree on particular details and each small correction  means another meeting in your busy schedule. What if you want to pay attention to other projects and new customers instead of only being busy with the routine? Moreover, even if your design was approved, your client can see the end result and disagree with it, saying, “I thought it would look different!” How can you protect yourself from losing so much time and keep the customer happy?

3D interior rendering is a great solution to these problems. It helps addressing many issues that usually come up when you communicate with your clients:

1) The end result is presented exactly “as it is”. For renderings 3D visualization company uses images of real furniture, textures, colors and materials – as a result, you can be sure that 3D interior rendering will look exactly like the real-life interior.

2) 3D interior rendering can be used for many purposes. They can be great as handbooks for builders who work on your design projects. They can also serve as reference guides with step-by-step instructions for the project realization. Also, you certainly can use 3D interior visualizations for effective and impressive presentations of great ideas to your clients.

3) 3D interior or architectural renderings are easy to share. You can always use outsource 3D rendering services and save time by sending the 3D render to your customer instead of  meeting in person.

4) Interior design renderings help to save money. It is much easier and cheaper to order a 3D visualization than to create it from real furniture or even partially build it – especially if the client will want to make changes. You won’t have to spend additional money on real-life rebuilding and reshaping.

5) 3D interior renderings allow easy approval. Having an interior or architectural visualization of the design project helps to get initial approval much faster. However, over the course of the actual work on the project and even after its completion you can easily change the 3D model if the customer requests it.

3D interior rendering of bedroom by ArchiCGI

As you can see, 3D interior rendering can guarantee the client’s satisfaction and enhance your mutual understanding in many ways. It saves up your time and money, all of which you can spend more effectively – for example, on looking for new orders, developing your business and growing as a professional who doesn’t have to worry about routine tasks.  Moreover, 3D visualizations can be used as a powerful marketing tool, bringing in new customers and interesting tasks.

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