CG interior rendering is key to successful time management and client service of a designer. Wonder how? Let’s see. Well, every designer needs to know how to explain ideas to clients clearly. After all, clients may not even know what they want! So the designer has to convey the concept as accurately as possible. However, this can be difficult. You can’t always explain complicated design ideas verbally. Also, if the project is challenging, you have to control its implementation for everything to go well.

As a result, making sure that all suggestions and requirements are taken into account becomes stressful and time-consuming. You need to spend more time with the customer to agree on details. Moreover, each small correction means yet another meeting. What if you want to pay attention to other projects and new customers instead of routine? Not a chance. But that’s not all of it. Even if your design is approved, your client can see the end result and disagree. He may say “I thought it would look different!” How can you avoid losing time and keep the customer happy?

3D interior rendering is a great solution to these problems. It helps addressing many issues that come up when you communicate with clients. How exactly? Check out this list.

5 Benefits of 3D Interior Rendering

  1. The end result is presented exactly “as it is”. For renderings, 3D visualization company uses images of real furniture, textures, colors and materials. This way, you can be sure that 3D interior rendering will look just like the real-life space.
  2. 3D interior rendering can be used for many purposes. For instance, for handbooks for builders who work on the design. Furthermore, renders can serve as reference guides with step-by-step instructions for the project realization. Also, you can use 3D interior visualizations for impressive presentations of ideas to clients.
  3. 3D interior or architectural renderings are easy to share. You can always use outsource 3D rendering services and save time by sending the 3D render to your customer. No live meetings for discussing every single detail! Time-waisting avoided.
  4. Interior design renderings help to save money. It is much easier and cheaper to order a 3D visualization than to create it from real furniture or even partially build it. Especially if the client wants to make changes, which is 90% of the time. With CGI, you won’t have to waste money on rebuilding and reshaping.
  5. 3D interior renderings allow easy approval. CG interior or architectural visualization helps to get initial approval faster. However, over the course of the work and even after its completion, you can easily change the 3D model if need be.
3D Interior Rendering for a Living Room for Project Approval

As you can see, 3D interior rendering can guarantee the client’s satisfaction and enhance your mutual understanding. It saves up your time and money, all of which you can spend more effectively. For example, you cn start to look for new exciting projects. This will help developing your business and professional growth. Moreover, 3D visualizations is a powerful marketing tool. It can bring you new customers and interesting tasks.

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Catherine Paul
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