3D Photorealistic Visualization: A Ukrainian Bridge Under Construction

A busy city bridge in the center of Kyiv nightlife inspired a senior 3D artist of ArchiCGI 3D rendering studio Violeta to experiment with photorealistic rendering. She wanted to explore the architectural structure as well as convey the special ambiance of the lively Ukrainian capital under the night sky. So how it’s all started?

The Key Stages of a 3D Photorealistic Visualization Project

This rendering project has a real-life inspiration but with a creative twist of the 3D artist who set up a very specific mood for the images. Let’s take a look at the 3D visualization process from A to Z.

Stage 1: selecting references

Every rendering project starts with looking for inspirational materials and coming up with the concept of future images. In this case, the main reference is a real architectural object – a bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine that is about to be finished in a couple of years. The Podilsko-Voskresenskyi Bridge or Podilskyi Metro Bridge is a combined road-rail bridge over the Dnipro River. It has been under construction since 1993, but the opening date has been repeatedly delayed. So Violeta decided to finish it herself… digitally.

Bridge 3D Rendering: References

Stage 2: modeling an architectural 3D object

The bridge was designed by a Ukrainian architect George Fuchs. Basically, it is a two-tier structure consisting of three levels and overpasses that connect them. On the upper tier, 6 lanes are planned for traffic (3 each one way), on the lower tier – the future Podolsko-Voskresenskaya metro line. Violeta focused on modeling the upper-tier part of the bridge, which was meticulously constructed in 3ds Max.

3D Model of a a Ukrainian Bridge

Stage 3: setting up a 3D scene

The bridge is complemented by other 3D models in the scene. The main ones are moving cars that create busy traffic. Violeta built each car based on real automobile brands and model designs that are wide-spread in Ukraine for more authenticity. On top of that, the city background completed the composition of the 3D photorealistic visualization as a stunning urban picture.

3D Modeling for a Second View of a Bridge

Stage 4: installing lighting and camera views

The 3D visualization artist opted for two camera angles – a bridge in the center of the composition and the view from the car. The first one allows us to appreciate the beauty of the bridge in the urban scene, while the second one creates an immersive effect of being present right there in the car amid traffic.

Both views are complemented by the mesmerizing city scenery with skyscrapers on the background. The 3D artist tuned night city light settings for gaining a more photorealistic result as well as intensify the mood of the images.

Setting Up Lighting for a Bridge 3D Rendering
A Close-Up Night View for a Bridge

Stage 5: retouching and animation after rendering

The two renders are not the final product of the photorealistic visualization project. Violeta made some retouching in Photoshop after. Mainly, she added blurry light lines from car headlights captured in fast movement. Other than that, there were some contrasting and defusing effects on lampposts lighting and city lights on the background.

3D Rendering for a Ukrainian Bridge Under Construction

After that, our video editing specialist Max turned one of the renders into an animated visual with a time-lapse effect of moving traffic and stars in the night sky. Now, the photorealistic visualization of the bridge truly came to life right in front of our eyes.

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