ArchiCGI’s long-term client Meridian International Holding is a multinational corporation of high-end property development. It is based in Cambodia and is currently constructing premium mixed-use real estate called Flatiron, which includes apartments, offices, and retail spaces. In order to present this project at the state tender and get the approval of its implementation, the developers used the real estate visualization made by our architectural rendering company.

We’ve created for Flatiron exterior and interior visualization, 360° view virtual tours and 3D animation. The variety was crucial as Meridian International is not only responsible for the construction of the building but also the interior design of each floor. Using our digital visuals, the Cambodian developers showed every space – the future offices, restaurants, spa, and even hotel suites that are going to be a part of this commercial real estate as property for rent.

To estimate the scale of this real estate visualization project, let’s take a look at all visual materials that came out of the fruitful collaboration between Meridian International Holding and ArchiCGI 3D rendering studio.

#1. Exterior Real Estate Visualization

Our first task was to create exterior 3D visualization based on architectural drawings. Meridian International Holding representatives also sent us detailed information on the location, site plans and construction blueprints, which allowed ArchiCGI team to visualize the exterior design in 3D. 

As a result, the developers got a whole collection of photorealistic 3D renders. Each of them showcases Flatiron’s architecture from different angles. Some renderings give a general view of the building, showing how the skyscraper will look in a city landscape. Others demonstrate more close-up views that allow evaluating the architectural character of the structure, construction materials, the outdoor layout, and other practical details.  

The main point of the exterior real estate visualization, though, is to convey just how perfectly Flatiron fits into the environment of the busy Phnom Penh’s Central Business District. And these 3D renderings accomplished the goal! They helped the developers to prove the housing and communal committee of Phnom Penh that this real estate can become the landmark of the city.

#2. Commercial Interior 3D Visualization  

The next step was to create interior design 3D visualizations for some of the Flatiron’s properties so they could be later used as the inspiration for real estate renovation and staging. Meridian developers gave ArchiCGI team the list of properties and establishments planned for this premium mixed-use commercial complex as well as floor plans and photo references. Besides that, ArchiCGI team of designers had creative freedom to experiment with finishing materials and furnishing.

Our CG artists executed interior renders for open space offices, apart’hotel dwellings, shops and restaurants, a residence lounge, social kitchen, conference room, sauna, arena fitness, yoga room, lobby, and the sky pool. Using these real estate visualizations, the Flatiron developers were able to showcase different kinds of properties for rent demonstrating the mixed-used purpose of the complex, which helped Meridian to win the tender.

#3. Skyscraper 3D Animation  

The photorealistic 3D animation for the exterior and interior of the mixed-use complex was one of the key points at the tender presentation. Meridian used it as a digital high-class business card, which worked like a charm and helped to make the first impression unforgettable. And it’s not surprising! After all, 3D animation is an immersive storytelling tool that can highlight the best features of architectural design. 

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The walkthrough real estate animation “leads” viewers to the skyscraper from the Central Boulevard of the Cambodian capital. The audience can see the landscape around the complex, parking lots with cars, and then walk through the front door to the inside of the building. There, viewers get introduced to Flatiron’s lobby and reception as well as some of the upper floors. For example, when the camera view leads the audience upstairs, one can see some offices and restaurants, enjoy the interior design details and feel the ambiance of these places.

#4. Photorealistic Virtual Tours

This kind of realistic rendering product is a highly immersive 3D visualization material for presentation. Viewers can not only look at the environment but “walk” around the premises of the building as if they were currently visiting the real place. Unlike real estate videos, virtual tours allow the audience to move from point to point in 360° view panorama, look around, choose directions, zoom in and out and use other interactive features.  

Meridian International Holding ordered 360° view virtual tours for the online showroom. This way, a prospect can plunge into the virtual reality of the still-under-construction building right on their website. They can walk around the lobby, co-working space, appart’hotels’ rooms, offices and see for themselves what everything will look like when Flatiron real estate will be finished.

#5. Project Implementation

ArchiCGI is closely following all of Meridian’s updates on how the process goes to keep abreast of such a grand project. At the moment of writing this article, the Flatiron construction is almost at the finish line, and the building’s exterior looks exactly like in the 3D visualization we made. However, all the interior work has yet to be done so the construction might take a few months more.

Now, we marvel at the speed and thorough approach of Meridian International Holding to the execution of this project. There is no doubt, Flatiron will become a gem even amongst the most successful commercial real estate projects the Cambodian developers have ever implemented.

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The real estate visualization was the first major step for Meridian to bringing Flatiron to life. The exterior and interior digital designs ArchiCGI made helped to win the state tender and get the budget for the implementation of this project. Presently, this world-class mixed-used real estate is almost ready and only waiting for the interior design to be done. We, on the other hand, have been happy to work on such an ambitious 3D visualization project. Needless to say, the process of working with such professionals was a sheer pleasure.

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