Glamping Lodges CGI for Hyatt: Creating Exterior and Interior Renders for Luxurious Treehouses in New York State

If you are interested in the hospitality industry, you must have heard of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt. It includes a variety of upper-upscale and luxury properties around the world, offering travelers unique, captivating experiences. Recently, our 3D architectural visualization studio has worked on renders for this collection’s new marvel. We are excited to share the details of creating glamping lodges CGI for Hyatt with you.

Robert Mallia, the Head of Architecture & Construction at Dream Hotels, Hyatt Division, contacted us in September 2023. He told us that the company was planning to extend the charming Chatwal Lodge hotel by the Catskills Mountains in New York State. The extension project included constructing three new modern lodges and a poolhouse on the territory of the existing complex. These new buildings were designed by Andreas Wenning, the architect at Baumraum.

Glamping Lodges CGI for Hyatt: Projects Results

To help future guests choose and book cozy glamping lodges in advance, Hyatt needed photorealistic CGI that would showcase the properties’ look. So, we were asked to create interior and exterior renders for the project.

Wonder how the work went and how the results turned out? Keep on reading!

#1. Tasks and References

The scope of work included the creation of:

  • 3 exterior renders: an aerial and a close-up view of the lodges as well as a front view of the poolhouse;
  • 5 renderings showcasing the main bedroom and living room designs of the lodges and also the poolhouse interior.

All the CGI had to be in 4K resolution.

The client provided the following references to help us complete the tasks:

  • drawings of the designs and a site plan of the location;
  • a building model in the IFC format;
  • eye-level and aerial photos of the Chatwal Lodge’s beautiful surroundings;
  • pictures of the already existing part of the hotel complex; 
  • a detailed guide on flooring materials and wood;
  • moodboard with references for furniture, accessories, and materials. Planned as an organic extension of the existing hotel, the new lodges were designed with traditional materials, yet modern furnishings and decor;
  • pictures of the lodges with similar designs that have already been built in Germany.
References for Visualizing Lodges

Through 3D renderings, staying in the Hyatt glamping lodges had to promise an unforgettable, ultra-comfortable getaway in the embrace of nature. Photorealistic architectural visualization needed to make it easy for a viewer to imagine themselves sitting on the terrace of one of the lodges, having a deep conversation with loved ones, sipping fine whiskey, and enjoying the heat from a bonfire. To emphasize this mood, it was decided to showcase the glamping lodges in the warm colors of the fall.

#2. Glamping Lodges CGI for Hyatt: Project Results

Here is the exterior CGI of the glamping lodges and the poolhouse.

And here you can see the interior 3D views we’ve created.

Do you like the result? Our client was totally happy with it.

Client's Positive Feedback on CRM

This CGI is already being used on the website of the hotel complex. It can help travelers choose and pre-book the lodges for their one-of-a-kind glamping experience.

#3. Photos of Completed Hyatt Glamping Lodges

The Chatwal Lodge opened these luxurious tree houses to the public in January, 2024. Let’s take a look at the actual photos of the finished build to compare them to our CG images!

images source: Joe Thomas/Courtesy of The Chatwal Lodge

We are grateful to Robert Mallia for fruitful cooperation and can’t wait to create more renders for stunning Hyatt designs!

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