3D Rendering for California Projects: 15 Case Studies from ArchiCGI

Do you consider opting for architectural 3D rendering for California projects? Then it can be valuable for you to check out the CG visuals other architects and designers from the area use in their marketing materials and presentations. This way, you will find out what settings work best for California-based projects. Or, these renders may inspire you to experiment and stand out from your competitors in some way. 

In this selection, we gathered 15 works created by our 3D rendering company for our clients throughout California. You will see different types of projects from magnificent villas to stylish resorts to sports facilities and discover how each of them benefited from the usage of CGI. Let’s dive in!

#1. Residential Renovation in Los Gatos, California

3D Rendering for a Residential Renovation Project in Los Gatos, California

Our studio created this exterior rendering for a Californian architect. Their project involved the renovation of an existing house in Los Gatos and they needed photorealistic CGI for marketing the real estate while it was under construction. Above, you can see the 3D view of the rear side of the house with a spacious deck. The warm beige tones of the exterior are complemented by the vibrant colors of the surrounding greenery. Soft sunshine and clear blue sky complete this serene concept.

#2. Residence Concept in Marin County, California

This real estate animation was created for a concept of luxurious residence in Marin County, California. Our clients, realtors, wanted to present a vacant lot in the best light. And there is no better way to do so than using high-quality 3D visualization of the building that can potentially be built there! This is why they contacted our team to commission a set of visuals showcasing the lot with a gorgeous residence on it. Besides the animation of the whole property, the project also included making interior and exterior 3D renderings of the main house and the adjacent guest house.

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#3. Oceanfront Estate in Carmel, California

3D Exterior Visualization for an Oceanfront Estate in California

Next up on our list of examples of 3D rendering for California projects is an exterior visualization for a stunning build on the Pacific coast. Our partner — a California-based design firm — required breathtaking visuals to promote the property during its construction. The 3D rendering for this building was created with the help of the photo-matching technique, which involved combining 3D models of the future structure with drone photos of the building site. As you can see, the result is photorealistic CGI that’s just perfect for marketing this splendid home.  

Want to learn more about our workflow and see other images our 3D artists made for this stunning build? Take a look at the case study on 3D rendering for real estate marketing.

#4. Boutique Resort in Joshua Tree National Park, California

Interior 3D Rendering for a Boutique Resort in Joshua Tree National Park

Above, you can see the 3D image our team made for a San Francisco-based design studio specializing in residential and hospitality interiors. Our task was to produce CG visuals that would help them get the project approval from their end client. The project scope included creating interior renderings of the meeting room and clubhouse spaces for a boutique resort in Joshua Tree National Park.

The main goals were to showcase Mid-century modern aesthetics and convey the atmosphere of the desert-like Joshua Tree landscapes. Our client was happy with the result and it was extensively used to promote the stylish resort in various media while the build was not yet finished. Now, you can compare the photos of the realized resort with the interior CGI created by our studio.

#5. Townhome in San Diego, California

Property marketing performs incredibly well when agencies incorporate interactive 3D visuals into their listings. With virtual tours, potential residents can explore the property digitally to get a better understanding of how it would feel like to live there. Fully aware of this fact, a marketing manager of a popular US real estate platform decided to order 360° tours for the townhome complex in San Diego. 

In this project, we used our extensive library of pre-made 3D assets for furniture, decor, and fixtures which allowed us to save our client’s time and money. The CGI was successfully implemented into the website promoting the complex.

Wondering what the process of creating such interactive visuals entails? You can find more details about the workflow in our virtual tour for real estate case study.

#6. Prairie Residence in San Jose, California

3D Rendering for California Projects: Prairie Residence

Our client for this 3D rendering is a building designer who needed to present his concept for a Prairie residence. He ordered professional exterior visualization of the front and rear sides of the house as well as various amenities around the building. The detailed photorealistic presentation of this residence was used for demonstrating the design to the end client (and they were pleased with it). Also, the designer successfully used these renders to promote his professional services on social media. 

#7. Spanish-style Bungalow in Los Angeles, California

3D Visualization for Projects in California: Spanish-style Bungalow

Here, you can see another example of a 3D rendering for California projects. This image, along with other views, was created by us for a construction company to promote their bungalow-style ADU. Our team was delighted to work on this design, as it perfectly represents the relaxed LA atmosphere. The image you see above is the bonus view we created within this ADU project. We even added a custom character model to further enhance the aesthetic appeal. The company representative said that this ADU 3D rendering was just perfect for their marketing efforts. 

#8. Modern Beach House in California

Modern Beach House 3D Aerial View

Aerial views are among the best perspectives when it comes to 3D rendering for California projects. This incredible bird-eye render is a solid proof of that. It was produced for a design firm to demonstrate a high-end property concept to their client. The modern minimalistic look of the house fits into the coastal landscape incredibly well, resulting in a fascinating interplay of nature and architecture. Besides, the exterior CGI also succeeds in conveying the luxurious lifestyle of future residents.

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#9. Contemporary Residence in Pebble Beach, California

3D Rendering for California Projects: Contemporary Residence in Pebble Beach

We continue presenting our selection of examples of 3D rendering for California projects with a stylish residential visualization. The sleek modern design looks practical yet cozy and inviting amid the California landscape. Speaking of which, the client provided us with a Google Earth location of the future residence, so our artists created the 3D scene based on the actual physical environment. The CG imagery will be used for marketing this real estate, and we are certain it will help attract potential buyers. 

#10. Condominium in Corona del Mar, California

Exterior 3D Rendering for a Condominium in Corona del Mar, California

This charming rendering was an order from a Californian architect. They requested an exterior 3D rendering for a small condominium. There were a couple of specifics that should be noted. First of all, the interior of the house had to be visible, so a potential buyer could get a glimpse of the layout and furniture. Also, the images had to be 600 dpi because the architect needed the CGI for their printed catalog. Our 3D artist did a great job following all the requirements and recreating the architecture in great detail. As you can see in the rendering, this elegant design will surely stand out in the neighborhood while still looking reserved and cozy. 

#11. Mediterranean Style Exterior

Mediterranean Style Villa 3D Visualization

Here, you can see the exterior visualization for a Mediterranean-style villa in California. The design firm that commissioned this project is our long-term client. This time, they needed 3D renderings with an unusual aesthetic and mood, namely old-world European style. It was rather unusual and very interesting for us to work on renderings with an atmosphere that can best be described as a mix of rustic and antique. However, having broad experience with various designs, our team successfully completed this task. The designer was pleased with the results and already added this project to the portfolio on their website. 

#12. Modern Mansion in California at Sunset

3D Rendering for California Projects: Modern House at Sunset

Take a look at this CGI our team made for an American architect. They designed a majestic contemporary house and opted for our 3D visualization services to bring it to life. This exterior view showcases the rear side of the building with a patio, a swimming pool, and a large courtyard. 

CG tools give you the option to present your 3D rendering for California projects in various lighting conditions. So, per the architect’s request, we used the warm and subdued colors of sunset for this 3D rendering. The evening light matches the aesthetics of the house perfectly, resulting in a captivating and atmospheric architectural visualization. 

#13. Villa in Los Angeles, California

Exterior Visualization for a Villa in Los Angeles, California

The CG image above was produced for a real estate agency in LA. They wanted to start promoting their listings before the construction was finished and contacted our studio for stunning marketing visuals. In this image, it was important to not only depict the architecture but also to convey the unique atmosphere of California. Our 3D artist did a fantastic job recreating this simple yet stylish design and the desert-like landscape around the building. The real estate agency team was impressed with the outcome. As far as we know, our imagery has even already helped sell this property. 

#14. Sports Complex in Los Angeles, California

Sports Complex 3D Rendering

3D rendering for California projects can be used not only for residential builds but for other types of structures as well. Here, you can see the visual created for a golf and tennis development in LA. The task was to create a 3D model for this massive sports complex and then combine it with the photos of the existing location. 

Our team carefully studied the landscape to seamlessly incorporate the modeled structure into the footage. We also adjusted the height of the trees around the complex to accurately represent how the surroundings will look when the project is completed. Our client already used CGI for their project presentation and hopefully, we will soon see the finished development in its full glory. 

#15. Port Fueling Station in Oakland, California

3D Rendering for California Projects: Port Fueling Station

The last example in our selection of 3D rendering projects is unlike everything we listed in this article. This is an industrial visualization for a port fueling station. Our client needed high-quality images to get the approval of the stakeholders. He provided us with an extensive brief, which included the location, the 3D model of the port, and the references for technical appliances and machines. With the help of these materials, our team flawlessly completed the task and the client received the perfect visuals for an industrial project presentation.

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These were our top 15 examples of 3D rendering for California projects. Hopefully, this selection inspired you to consider ordering CGI services for your beautiful designs. And if you want to see case studies and selections of CGI made for projects in other regions, check out our blog. There, we write about creating high-quality architectural visualization for various projects worldwide. 

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