3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing: Exterior CGI for an Oceanfront Estate in Carmel, California

Sterling-Huddleson Architecture is a diverse design firm dedicated to thoughtfully executed design solutions. They are based in California and have over twenty years of experience. Braden Sterling, the company’s principal, first reached out to our architectural visualization studio in 2017 to commission a number of 3D renderings to further study architectural design and client visualization. Since then, we’ve completed 14 projects together, and are eager to continue our partnership.

3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing Project Results

In this case study, you will discover the details of our workflow and see the results of our latest 3D rendering project done for Sterling-Huddleson. It involved creating marketing CGI for the most expensive home in Carmel, California. Want to know more? Let’s dive in!

#1. Scope of Work and References

In the course of this collaboration with the architectural firm, we made exterior CGI for a luxurious residence off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Our client needed real estate marketing CG visuals showing the future look of the stunning property that was under construction at the time.     

In total, we created 4 exterior 3D views:

  • an eye-level rendering of the entry side of the building, as it would be seen from the driveway;
  • a 3D rendering of the rooftop terrace with an ocean view;
  • renders showing the rear and left sides of the estate.

The final resolution of the CG visuals had to be 5K, 300 dpi.

Braden provided us with an extensive package of references for the task:

  • drawings in the DWG format;
  • exterior materials references;
  • inspiration pictures for the rooftop terrace;
  • drone footage of the construction site; 
  • Google Maps location of the estate.
3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing Project References

All real estate visualizations, except for the entry side view, were created using the photo matching technique. That means our CG artist combined a realistic 3D model of the property with drone photos of the construction site. This approach allowed us to save the client’s time and reduce the cost of work, as there was no need to create a virtual environment around the property from scratch.

Let’s take a look at the outcome!

#2. Project Results

Here, you can see all the CGI made by our team for marketing the gorgeous oceanfront estate.

3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing: Entry Side
Rear View 3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing
Rooftop Terrace 3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing
3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing: Left Side

In total, producing those renders took approximately 100 hours of the 3D artist’s work.

Braden was delighted with the images. Here’s the feedback he left in our CRM system after seeing the 3D rendering results.

3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing: Client's Reaction

#3. Usage of 3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing 

The CG visualizations have been extensively used to promote the splendid build on various PR media channels and real estate marketing platforms.

Aerial 3D Rendering of a Home Community
3D Visualization of a Home Community
Real Estate Render of Cottages
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Our team was happy to be a part of this breathtaking project. We are grateful to Sterling-Huddleson Architecture for the excellent collaboration and can’t wait to do more 3D renderings for their gorgeous real estate designs!

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