3D Rendering of a Restaurant: 5 Impressive Case Studies from ArchiCGI Studio

As an architect or a designer, you might have an incredible restaurant concept in mind. However, it can be challenging to present your project in the best light with only drawings and sketches. Here’s where CGI can help. With a 3D rendering of a restaurant, you can easily showcase your concepts to potential investors, get approval for the build from the authorities, or promote the future establishment before the construction begins.

To help you discover all the benefits of CGI for yourself, we gathered 5 stunning restaurant visualization projects made by our 3D rendering studio. Let’s take a look!

#1. Lavitta’s Creole in New York

Restaurant Exterior 3D Visualization

First on our list is a restaurant design 3d rendering project that was commissioned by Jimmy Thomas — a chef from New York. He needed interior and exterior visualizations for an elegant dining spot in the heart of Manhattan. In the course of our collaboration, the planned location of the establishment has changed twice. We were happy to help Jimmy throughout this journey by making CGI for each new spot. 

Using a comprehensive pack of references, our 3D artists recreated the locations to incorporate the restaurant concept in a true-to-life setting. Also, our team did a fantastic job accurately representing the atmosphere of the interiors according to the client’s requirements. 

Lavitta's Creole Restaurant Interior

As a result, Jimmy received a cozy and inviting 3D rendering of a restaurant that helped him get all the necessary construction permits. And what’s more, Lavitta’s Creole has already opened its doors to the public.

#2. Clay Restaurant in Manama, Bahrain

Interior 3D Rendering of Clay Restaurant

Next up is a restaurant 3D rendering for a renowned interior architect and our long-term client — Tristan du Plessis. This time, he ordered a visualization project for a dining establishment in Manama, Bahrain. He needed to present the concept to his investors, and CGI was the best tool for this purpose. So, Tristan tasked us with creating a couple of different interior views to showcase the layout. Besides, he also ordered close-up renders of the set tables to convey the atmosphere of the refined restaurant.  

Our team brought the lovely concept to life, successfully demonstrating the unique blend of Peruvian and Japanese aesthetics. The investors were impressed with the presentation and approved the project. This chic dining spot opened in 2020, and it looks just like the CG visuals we created. 

#3. Aba Restaurant in Bal Harbour, Florida

Aba Restaurant 3D Visualization

This is a rendering our studio created for the Aba Restaurant in Florida. The interior designer needed photorealistic 3D visuals to present their new Mediterranean-inspired design. This beautiful concept focuses on natural materials and lots of indoor plants, which makes the establishment look refreshing and inviting. 

Our 3D artist accurately depicted all the aspects of the design, from the layout to the textures and lighting, and the presentation was a huge success. Now you can visit the place in real life, as the Aba Restaurant has opened at Bal Harbour Shops Mall in Miami.

#4. Elegant Dining Spot in London, UK

3D Rendering for a Restaurant in London, UK

The 3D rendering of a restaurant you can see above was made for CDC Group, a design firm in the UK. It depicts an interior that is both stylish and functional. The render conveys the efficient layout solution and all the intricate details of the design incredibly well. Our team also did a great job creating complex layered lighting and adjusting the image in the post-production stage. The outcome is a photorealistic restaurant rendering with a cinematic feel.

Furthermore, the CGI for this concept recreates the intended atmosphere of the restaurant flawlessly. So, as a result, the designers received impeccable presentation materials to effectively communicate their ideas to clients.

#5. Alice & Fifth Bar in Johannesburg, South Africa

And last in our selection are restaurant renderings for our esteemed partner Tristan, whom we already mentioned previously. This project included creating the visualizations for a dining spot in Johannesburg so that the interior architect could present the concept to his client. 

The unique Art Deco design included a lot of custom furniture, decor, and lighting elements, so our team had to create all of them in 3D from scratch. With the help of an extensive pack of references, such as drawings and photos, our CG artists carefully recreated the items, preserving their design and proportions.

As you can see from the 3D rendering of a restaurant above, the results look extremely realistic. It is the perfect example of fruitful cooperation between a designer and a 3D artist. The project was approved, and since the opening of the restaurant, it has won multiple awards.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

These were 5 examples of restaurant 3D visualization projects by our studio. We hope that you enjoyed our selection, and it inspired you to opt for CGI services. We will gladly bring your designs to life in top-notch quality, whether it’s a dining establishment or any other type of project.  

Looking for professional 3D rendering services to elevate your restaurant concepts to the next level? Contact our studio to get photorealistic CGI that is just perfect for design presentations!

Ian Diev
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

Ian loves writing about innovative 3D technologies and their impact on architecture and design. In his spare time, he makes indie music, watches obscure movies, and cooks culinary masterpieces for friends.