Hotel Interior 3D Rendering: 4 Remarkable Projects by ArchiCGI

Are you working on a new stunning hospitality project? Whether it’s in the design phase or already in construction, you should consider using hotel interior 3D rendering. It’s an amazing tool that can provide you with breathtaking presentation visuals. Such demonstrations will surely win over the investors and attract future guests. That’s because CGI highlights the best features of your concepts. Besides, with 3D rendering, you can effortlessly customize the interiors and experiment with stylistic choices to find the perfect design solutions.

Want to see all the advantages of CGI in action? Read on to learn about 4 gorgeous hospitality interior visualizations made by our 3D rendering studio. Let’s dive in!

#1. Boutique Resort in Joshua Tree National Park, California

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First on the list is the interior CGI our team made for our long-term partners from San Fransisco-based Narrative Design Studio. They specialize in residential and boutique hospitality projects. This time, they needed our interior 3D rendering services for their boutique resort concept in the Joshua Tree National Park. 

Within this project, the design studio ordered CG visuals for the meeting room and the clubhouse spaces of their new build. They asked us to create two versions for each render, with and without people. You can see both options above. It is also notable that the rendering results beautifully demonstrate the interplay between the stylish Mid-century modern interiors and the desert-like landscape of Joshua Tree. 

These images were used by the studio to get approval from the end client. They were also incorporated into the PR materials to promote this hotel on various media channels while it was under construction. 

#2. Chatwal Lodge Hotel in New York State

Now let’s take a look at the glamping lodges CGI for Hyatt. This project was commissioned to us by Robert Mallia, the representative of Dream Hotels, Hyatt Division. He told us that the company was planning to expand the Chatwal Lodge hotel in New York State. The new structures included three treehouses and a poolhouse. 

The hospitality company needed promotional materials to help future guests visualize the insides of the lodges, so they could choose the ones to book in advance on the website. So, Robert ordered interior CGI for this purpose.   

One of the main requirements for this hotel interior 3D rendering project was to convey the rustic and cozy ambiance of the lodges to the viewer. As you can see, our team successfully achieved that. And the serene fall setting seen through the windows only amplifies this welcoming atmosphere.

#3. Lamu Style Hotel in Zanzibar

Next on our list of hotel interior 3D rendering examples is a unique resort in Zanzibar. Our client for this project was the interior designer Nelly Levin. She wanted to showcase her outstanding hotel concept to her end client. And we were happy to help.   

The images above show hotel interior layouts from two opposing views, so the viewer can fully appreciate all the intricacies of this eclectic design. Its style is inspired by the architecture of Lamu — an island situated not far from the east coast of Africa. 

The main highlight of this concept is the beautiful contrast between dark wooden furniture and white plastered walls. Our 3D artist did a fantastic job recreating all the materials and textures and applying nuanced lighting. They also made 3D models for the authentic decorations that were carefully picked out by the designer. The rendering results turned out nearly indistinguishable from real photos. 

#4. Luxurious Hotel in Ambergris Caye, Belize

Interior 3D Rendering for Marriott Hotel in Belize

The last in our selection is the hotel interior 3D rendering project for our long-term partner RAD Architecture. Jennifer Smith, the designer at the firm, reached out to our studio to get CGI for their stunning hospitality build in Belize. 

The scope of work included creating interior 3D renderings for a variety of spaces, specifically the reception area, lobby lounge, and multiple types of hotel suites. Besides, our team also created the 3D models for some of the furniture and decor elements from scratch, as they needed to be identical to the provided references. 

Our CG artists successfully completed all the tasks from RAD Architecture and delivered photoreal representations for their outstanding hotel project. The CGI is already being used on social media and other online sources to showcase the luxurious hotel to future guests.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

As you can see, using professionally made interior CGI for your projects is extremely beneficial. And it has already become a standard practice for renowned hospitality brands. Hopefully, now you have no doubts that it’s a powerful tool for effective hotel concept presentations and marketing materials. 

Need exceptional visuals for your hospitality interior designs? Use our 3D rendering services to get hyperrealistic demonstrations of your hotel concepts!

Ian Diev
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

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