Living Room Rendering: 10 Stylish 3D Interiors Visualized by ArchiCGI

Living room rendering is a cutting-edge solution for designers, real estate agents, and developers. It allows them to fill their project presentations and marketing campaigns with stylish photorealistic visuals. With CGI, designers can easily convey every aspect of a home’s future design to their clients. As for realtors and developers, CG visuals help them to show their prospects the full potential of properties that are yet to be built or furnished.

In any case, one can say that living room visualization plays a key role in helping all those professionals achieve their goals. Why is that? Well, because the living room is the heart of every home, the place that sets the tone for the whole house or apartment. Ultimately, the living room is, as its name suggests, a place that always buzzes with activity. Therefore, a homeowner needs to be 100% sure they will love the vibe of that space. And CGI made by a professional architectural rendering company can prove them just that. Now, let’s see some examples of this magic!

#1. Airy Living Room in Contemporary Style

Minimalist Contemporary Living Room Design

Software: 3Ds Max, Photoshop

This 3D visualization project was about showcasing a light, airy interior. It features a neutral color palette, only essential furniture, and very few decor items. But it’s not quite Minimalism. The eclectic mix of different styles and materials in the furniture pieces makes this living room rendering look fresh rather than polished or ascetic. Another thing that deserves particular attention is the great job the 3D artist who worked on this image did at highlighting the tall windows. For that, the specialist added some extra glow to the sunlight coming through them.

#2. Chic Compact Interior in Contemporary Style

Living Room Rendering: 3D Visualization of a Chic Design

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

In this living room rendering project, CGI professionals visualized a stylish Contemporary design. The main color here is crisp white complemented with rich emerald accents, as well as some black and golden metallic elements. To make all those different materials pop, our 3D artists carefully adjusted the lighting. For instance, look at how it really brings out the softness of the velvety textures and the shine of metallic accessories. Together, all those contrasting items form a very elegant, sophisticated ensemble. And its atmosphere is conveyed perfectly in this CG image.

#3. Opulent Living Room in Empire Style

3D Visualization of a Living Room Design in Neo-Empire Style

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This living room rendering demonstrates a modern take on the opulent Empire style. The focus of this particular CG image is on the dining area, where we can see a brilliant game of contrast. The clever combination of dark wood and bold turquoise gives the room a true aristocratic feel. At the same time, the use of two different kinds of upholstery on the chairs adds that modern touch to the interior. Overall, our 3D artist had great pleasure working on this project. Particularly, because it’s quite rare to see this exquisite style in its pure form nowadays.

#4. Eclectic Design: Boho and Mid-Century Modern Style Combo

CG Image of a Fresh Mixed-Style Living Room Design

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

This interior rendering depicts a really interesting mix of styles, which our 3D artist managed to visualize extremely well. At the core of it, there’s Mid-Century Modern — one of the most beloved American styles of all time. One can find it in the main furniture ensemble of sofas and coffee tables. Then, there’s the Bohemian style, the main element of which is the bright ornate carpet. Being the most offbeat part of the concept, it shapes a unique mood in the room and balances out the strictness of the Mid-Century Modern furniture. And finally, we have Classical moldings on the walls and ceiling. They make the design of this living room more interesting and mature.

#5. Living Room in a Mix of Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern Styles

Photorealistic Visualization of a Light Living Room Design

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This living room rendering features another combo of styles, which are Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern. The neutral white and gray colors that dominate in this design make the space look very clean, cozy, and calm. Here, one cannot help but notice that the decor is mostly plants. A lot of plants. That’s a very Scandinavian touch that helps to create hygge — a warm atmosphere of comfort. At the same time, the formal division of dining and sitting areas makes this living room very elegant and put-together. And if one looks closely, it’s possible to see a fallen plant leaf on the table — a small detail that our CGI specialist added to give the rendering a more life-like feel.

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#6. Modern Classic American Interior

A Typical American Living Room in Modern Classic Style

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray

In this 3D rendering, we can see a cozy Modern Classic interior, which is very popular in the US. The color palette here includes white, beige, and brown — the soft neutrals typical for this style. It has a classical strictness that one can see in the moldings and lighting fixtures on the walls, as well as in the arrangement of furniture. But there are also many accessories that add a modern feel to this living room. And the repurposed fireplace area contributes to the effect as well, tying the “old” and the “new” aspects of the design.

#7. Cozy Contemporary Living Room Design

High-Quality 3D Render of a Stylish Living Room

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray

This photorealistic interior rendering of a living room in the contemporary style immediately speaks comfort to the viewer. While the space itself isn’t very large, it has a lot of depth due to the use of different materials and the dark colors on the walls and floor. Though there are a lot of grays in this interior, the overall atmosphere is warm and cozy. Mainly, because of the warm-toned wood panels, the safe fireplace, and, of course, the stylish floor lamp providing warm light over the sitting area. And thanks to the wonderful work of our CGI specialists, the huge sofa looks incredibly soft in this living room rendering. The fabric looks so realistic that it’s almost possible to feel it just by looking at this image.

#8. Eclectic Contemporary Studio Space

A CG Image of an Eclectic Contemporary Interior

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

The contemporary-style design in this 3D rendering has an exquisite color palette of whites, light grays, and different kinds of pastel grayish pinks and purples. The combination of soft upholstery and textiles with elegant metallic details in the furniture creates an elegant look for this large studio space. At the same time, the beam structure of the ceiling and the wood panels there and on the floor are typical of the country style. As a result, this living room rendering looks fresh and a little informal. And our 3D artists worked thoroughly on lighting, materials, and textures to convey all the intricacies of the design in this CG image.

#9. Living Room in a Luxurious Loft

Interior CGI for a Luxurious Penthouse Loft Project

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

In the 3D rendering above, our CGI specialists visualized a luxurious penthouse loft. The housing is located at the seaside, so, overall the space needed to look light and airy to convey the atmosphere of the place. In terms of colors and materials, the homeowner wanted to achieve extra coziness by contrasting coolness and warmth. The 3D artists did an excellent job visualizing the designer’s solution, which was to combine the cool gray stone on the floor with warm-colored soft furniture and carpet. As a result, those contrasting elements balance each other out, making this living room look ultra-comfy.

#10. Lounge Space in a Luxurious Contemporary Beach Villa

3D Render of a Lounge Space in a Contemporary Interior

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

Here, we have a CG image of a luxurious villa located somewhere on the Spanish coastline. The place allows maximum privacy, so the highlight, in this case, is the floor-to-ceiling windows forming whole walls of glass. This way, the room is flooded with natural light during the day, and the homeowners can enjoy absolutely breathtaking views. As for the interior elements, the focus of this living room rendering project is on the shapes and materials of the main pieces. Therefore, our CGI specialist depicted only essential minimalist furniture and practically no decor. This way, the objects inside leave all the spotlight on the views outside.

Those were our 10 ultra-stylish interiors visualized in 3D. Looking at every living room rendering above, one can see that it takes a lot of technical and artistic skills to depict the designs in all their glory. So, it’s more than worth it to entrust this task to professional 3D artists. This way, designers, realtors, and developers can rest assured that their projects will be taken good care of. And the final high-quality CG visuals will help convince clients with greater success than ever.

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