Real Estate 3D Rendering: Creating CGI for Blue Ocean Property Investment Company

Blue Ocean is a real estate investment and management company with a head office in Baltimore, Maryland. With two decades of experience in the industry, they work with multiple types of properties including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hospitality, and self-storage. To enhance their marketing efforts, the company needed photorealistic real estate 3D rendering services. This led them to reach out to our 3D visualization studio in spring 2022. Since then, we have completed 14 projects together, and there are more to come.

Real Estate 3D Rendering Projects Results

#1. Tasks and References 

Let’s use the Keyline West Brandywine build-for-rent home community project in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, as an example to explore how we work with Blue Ocean. In this case, the real estate investment company needed exterior CGI for a pitch deck. Namely, they requested:

  • an aerial 3D rendering of the entire community to show its structure and relative positions of the buildings; 
  • two eye-level renders focused on the housing design, surroundings, and overall atmosphere of the place. 

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

To complete the job, the client’s team provided numerous references, including:

  • site plan layout;
  • drawings of the buildings
  • satellite photo of the real estate location from Google Maps;
  • monument sign of the home community;
  • camera angle preferences;
  • visual references of the preferred materials and architectural style — Mid-Century Modern;
  • requirements for human figures and 3D models of cars to show in the renders.

All the rendering results had to be in 4K, 300 dpi final resolution. 

So, how did it turn out? Let’s take a look!

#2. Project Results

Here, you can see all three CG images made by us within the Keyline West Brandywine project.

Aerial 3D Rendering of a Home Community
3D Visualization of a Home Community
Real Estate Render of Cottages
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In total, creating these real estate renderings took 30 hours of our 3D artist’s work.

And now, let’s check out some of the visuals our team made for Blue Ocean within other tasks.

#3. Results of Other Projects Completed for Blue Ocean by ArchiCGI

Below, you can see interior and exterior renderings created by us for a variety of real estate objects our client deals with. There are properties including TRELLIS hotel conversions to multifamily, commercial self-storages, modular cottages, and more.

  • Interior 3D Rendering of a Gym
  • 3D Rendering of a Stylish Interior
  • Modern Interior Design CGI
  • Photoreal Interior 3D Rendering
  • Real Estate CGI of a Property with a Pool
  • Real Estate 3D Render of Exterior Design
  • Real Estate 3D Rendering of a Storage Space
  • 3D Rendering of a Modern Bedroom
  • Top-down 3D View of a Modern Living Room
  • Modern Interior 3D Visualization
  • Realistic CGI of a Living Room
  • 3D Visualization of a Studio
  • Real Estate 3D Visualization of a Community
  • Real Estate 3D Rendering of a Two-storey Building
  • Real Estate rendering of a Hotel Interior
  • Real Estate 3D Rendering for Blue Ocean Company

Interested to know how real estate rendering like that can work in a promo campaign? Let’s check it out.

#4. Marketing Uses of Real Estate 3D Rendering

Here, you can see a few examples of how our client extensively uses CGI to market properties on their website. Every single 3D rendering on these web pages was created by us.

Real \estate 3D Rendering in a Property Listing
Real Estate 3D Renders Used in Marketing
Real Estate 3D Rendering on a Company's Website
Marketing Use of Real Estate CGI
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We are grateful to the Blue Ocean team for fruitful cooperation and are eager to continue it!

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