10 facts about cg artists

CG artist is an extremely influential figure in any serious project.. Oddly enough, this kind of work is often taken for granted and rather unexplored at the same time. You, as a potential employer, have to know how to find the right person for a job, who can create high quality imagery in the shortest amount of time possible. This puts a burden of responsibility on you as well – the other side of the deal has to see that you understand what you want and what problems they may encounter during working on your project. Lack of mutual understanding will lead to a scenario in which you are a proverbial fantasy lord going to 3D rendering company guild to hire a CGI magician, with no guarantee that each side gets what they want.

A good CG artist can build upon an idea, potentially making it even better, while a bad one will just annoy you with constant corrections, making you pay for garbage. How can you find a right specialist? What should you pay attention to? What qualities CGI artists must have to create masterpieces for you? We answer all these questions today!

10 Things To Look For When Choosing a CG Artist

#1. Portfolio Shows What 3D Artists Do Best.

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Portfolio of a CG artist  is commonly regarded as a mirror of quality of work they are capable of. That much is true, but it provides more information than just that. Pay attention to not only how images look, but also what is shown. Some specialists create gorgeous cloth furniture, some are masters of elegant decor, and some can bathe scenes in stunning photorealistic lighting. Choose the right people to bring your ideas to life.

#2. Check Their Artistic Taste And Style.

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Another thing you should pay attention to when browsing portfolios is aesthetics. While perusing, ask yourself the following questions. Is the color scheme natural? Is the composition harmonic? Does the CG artist have a stylistic consistency or are they still developing their style? And any other questions that are particularly concerning to you.

#3. Creative Freedom Can Benefit Both You And 3D Artists.

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