Product photography studio is a classic provider of marketing images for catalogs. It has been the favorite option for furniture companies for decades, and that made sense. For no other means could deliver the needed level of realism and look so artistic and appealing. So much that things like complicated workflow, high costs etc were considered minor obstacles on the way of getting high-quality product photos that just hit the target.

However, times have changed. More and more companies, among whom major market players, are using product rendering services rather than photography. For instance, amazing IKEA catalogs are filled with product renderings, and they sell furniture to millions of people every day. Who don’t even realize that the pretty illustrations are all 3D. Likewise, many other companies saw CGI as an opportunity to be more productive and cost-effective.

So what exactly is there about cg images that makes Manufacturers and Marketers change their minds?

#1. Infinite Opportunities For Creativity

A good product image is the one that captures attention. So much that when a person’s looking through the website, he or she pauses and clicks to see more. To achieve that effect, furniture brands used to go at great length. They organized large-scale photoshoots, produced plenty of prototypes, transported them to unbelievable locations – idyllic meadows, picturesque medieval streets, blooming gardens and stately mansions. To make everything happen, they invited professional models, fashionable photographers and bought mountains of decor.

That enduring process resulted in beautiful professional photography but took loads of time and money. Meanwhile, with CGI studio all Marketer needs to do is send 3D studio descriptions of a concept – and get perfect results. No trips, prototypes, decor, fashionable photographers or models – just a hard-working team of 3D Artists.

#2. Easy Workflow. Way easier than with Product Photography Studio

Product Roomset for Chairs

When working with a photography studio, someone has to oversee the process – a Project Manager, Art Director or a Marketer himself. But when working with CGI company, there are no complex logistics to control, so the person charged saves loads of time for more pressing tasks. Moreover, some companies provide clients with a Manager that will run their project and ensure smooth communication. As a result, Furniture Manufacturers stay as involved in the process as the wish.

#3. Smooth Process

Product 3D Rendering for Living Room Furniture Design

Product Photography studio can be situated pretty much anywhere, and quite often overseas. Which means that communication of the Marketer with a Contractor happens via phone today (“yes, of course, I can write it down… I’m driving but never mind”), on facebook tomorrow, and yesterday, it was was viber. As a result, the information is everywhere – and nowhere when one needs it.

Well, 3D companies work differently. ArchiCGI, for instance, uses a CRM system that makes one feel like the rendering team is working right in the next room. It has a 24/7 chat with Project Manager, Client Manager and 3D Artists. All comments, conversations and files added are kept there and cannot be deleted. So that all information on the project is right there, in one convenient interface and accessible via laptop or phone.

#4. Multidisciplinary Expert Help And Autonomy

To produce marketing images, product photography studio needs help with design, decor, retouching etc. That means recruiting a separate team, and paying for their work additionally.

Meanwhile, big 3D rendering companies have solved this problem. Most of them have in-house specialists for all these additional tasks and thus provide full-stack services. ArchiCGI employs Interior Designers, Architects, Drafters and Photoshop Masters. We work with them from project to project, provide corporate training and therefore are happy to vouch for their performance. So the Marketer or Art Director can simply express wishes, show a few references – and we’ll take care of everything else.

#5. Control Over Results

Product Roomset 3D Visualization for Sofa

There’s a great deal of unpredictability about working with a Product Photography Studio. For its outcome depends on quite a lot of things – weather, light, equipment… One is never sure what kind of result he’ll get. ArchiCGI, in contrast, allows to shape just the product image one asks for. 3D Artist is in full control of every factor and effect: light, shadow, view, contrast and so on.

Another thing that have always bugged Marketers about product photography is the impossibility to change anything about the image. Chief of the company disapproved of the final results? The only option is then to start everything over: send prototypes, find decor, more shooting, retouching and waiting for results. Meanwhile, Product Rendering has a major advantage of allowing for changes at any stage. So if something changed about the original concept, Marketer can simply ask 3D Artists to make necessary adjustments. Which is way easier than with photoshoots! Not to mention cheaper. How much cheaper? The exact figure depends on the company, but ArchiCGI does for free all corrections that are less than half of the project volume.

#6. Ideal Lighting Without Complex Lengthy Manipulations

The performance of product photography studio depends on the right light. Photographers look for location with the right lighting, introduce the artificial one and tweak it for hours. 3D Artist does nothing of the kind. Using 3D rendering software, he achieves any effect he needs. So if the Art Director wants to test a few concepts with different lights, 3D Artist can easily arrange that.

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#7. Easy To Showcase Quality Of The Product And Customization Options

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: White Desk View13

Top view, close-up, side view, a view with under-cupboard lighting on – all that requires time, effort and equipment from the Product Photography Studio. As for the cutout shot, Furniture Manufacturers need to make a separate prototype – and practically kill it.

All Furniture Makers need to start a project with CGI studio is specify the details in the Technical Assignment. 3D Artists will create any types of views in any numbers. Or even a 3D Animation – to showcase the uniqueness of its smart furniture, for instance.

#8. One Model – Many Colors

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Colorful Chairs View17
CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Colorful Chairs View16

Shooting the same product in various colors and materials is frustratingly complex. One needs to get prototypes for each model, however small the difference, and shoot them separately. That’s not the case with CGI studio: once the 3D model of the object is created, 3D Artist just clones it and makes the necessary changes.

#9. 3D Models Can Be Reused In All Advertising Campaigns

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Leather Armchair Hero Shot View19

To get images of the same model, Furniture Makers go to a product photography studio and start everything over. Luckily, CGI companies broke this vicious cycle. For when you get a 3D model, you can use it for multiple marketing purposes – in new scenes, with different decor, in both print and digital advertising. This way, Product Modeling allows for an easy seasonal rebranding!

#10. Free Access To Some Excellent Decor

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Armchairs By The Fireplace View20

Another downside of photography is the need to buy lots of decor. And to get fresh and trendy images every time, Furniture Marketers have to throw it away and buy new one for each and every shooting. Meanwhile, Product CGI simply doesn’t have such item of expenditure: 3D Artists can model all the decor objects or use the digital versions of the existing ones. ArchiCGI, for instance, offers clients free access to a base of decor built up over 5 years of experience, which comprises more than 39000 items. There are models of every type and for every style: accessories, textiles, lighting fixtures etc.

#11. CGI Save Your Time

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Comfy Blue Chairs View21

What if a Furniture Manufacturer needs images like really fast? And as cheap as possible – for there are still plenty of videos to produce before the launch of the campaign. Product photography studio is not a good option then. To fit it into budget and still be on time, one will have to compromise: reconsider the concept, cut the number of images.

CGI has a perfect solution for those who are in hurry: ready-for-use 3D scenes. For such cases specifically, 3D Artists from ArchiCGI studio have developed 6143 stylish scenes to offset any furniture. The end results always look special and attractive, and production takes 3 times less time and money than custom 3D scenes.

#12. Save And Cheap Market Testing

CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Artistic Stool Design View12

Of course, one can test the market demand using product photography. But for that, Manufacturers need to produce the prototypes for the shootings. In contrast, Product Rendering with CGI company can easily recreate the model digitally – with full realism and impact. That gives you infinite possibilities in matters of style, views, colors and backgrounds. All it takes is a technical assignment, upon which one can test the model using focus groups, social media or even work by prepayment.

To cut a long story short, CGI has all advantages of the product photography, but without the downsides. Moreover, 3D graphics offer advanced forms product materials that have potential to go viral and draw attention to both product and brand. 3D animations, 360 views, AR and VR look fantastic and are assets for furniture promotion.

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Irma Prus
Content Writer, Copywriter

Irma writes articles and marketing copy for ArchiCGI. Her dream is that more people discover the power of CGI for architecture. Irma is into neuromarketing, ruby chocolate and Doctor Who series.