3D Architectural Rendering in the USA: 10 Showstopping Projecs from Different States

Are you planning to get 3D architectural rendering in the USA? Then it’s a great idea to start by checking out some visuals used by other architects across the country. That will help you understand what kind of imagery your clients will expect from the presentations, and set your standards accordingly. It’s especially useful to look at examples from different states if you work with clients from various parts of the country. This way, you can get a feel of every state’s unique aesthetic, which is crucial for achieving a spot-on look for your visuals.

To help you find inspiration, our architectural rendering company has gathered 10 works created by our 3D artists. Each of these renders helped architects from the USA present their designs successfully. Take a look!

#1. Pedestrian Bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana

3D Architectural Rendering for a Chicago Project

This 3D architectural rendering for a USA project in New Orleans shows the concept for a pedestrian bridge reconstruction. The new structure will incorporate an open-air market space, as well as a public recreation zone. Because of the large scale of this design, the architect wanted an aerial 3D rendering to show the entire bridge, and how it will fit into the existing surroundings. As a result, they got just what they wanted — an image that depicts this ambitious concept with impeccable accuracy, down to the last detail.

#2. Restaurant in New York City

3D Architectural Visualization for a Restaurant in New York

Above you can see the CG visualization created for a presentation of a restaurant exterior in New York, USA. This hyperrealistic 3D architectural rendering is full of details, which convey the instantly recognizable NYC vibe. The place itself is shown in the middle of the day, right at lunchtime. This image is full of dynamic with vibrant colors and people coming into the restaurant, and some sitting at the outside tables. The restaurant looks classic and authentic, which is exactly the feel the architect was going for here. And our 3D artists made sure to achieve that in the rendering. If you want to see more renders from this project and learn how they were created, you can take a look at this restaurant design 3D rendering case study.

Also, if you’d like to view more of our visualizations done for buildings in New York, USA, check out this case study on 3D animation for real estate.

#3. Office Building in Dallas, Texas

Architectural 3D Rendering of an Office Building in Dallas

This 3D architectural rendering for a USA project in Dallas, Texas is a visualization of an office building design. The concept is shown in an evening setting, which gives a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the exterior lighting solutions. The overall soft color scheme of the rendering complements the neutral tones used in this sleek and modern architectural design.

#4. Residence in North Carolina

3D Architectural Rendering of a Residence Concept in North Carolina

Next on our list, we have this 3D architectural rendering of a gorgeous residence in the woods of North Carolina, USA. Here, the 3D artist worked closely with the architect to accurately realize their vision. One of the main tasks was to convey the charming, dreamy mood of this beautiful place. For that, the CGI specialist set a soft late afternoon lighting and slightly lowered the contrast of the image. The final touch was adding the deer grazing on the grass right outside the house. This fine detail made the residence look truly serene, exactly as the author of the design intended.

Want to see more visuals we created for architects from this state? Take a look at this article on 3D rendering services for North Carolina architectural projects and this case study on 3D house visualization.

#5. Restaurant in Bal Harbour, Florida

Photorealistic Architectural CGI of a Florida Restaurant Interior

Moving on to the fifth image on our list of the best examples of 3D architectural rendering in the USA, we have this extremely stylish project from Bal Harbour, Florida. It’s a 3D visualization of a chic restaurant interior with a focus on natural materials and lots of indoor greenery, which makes the whole place look exquisitely refreshing. Located in the Miami Beach area, this restaurant might just become a new high-end tourist attraction once it’s completed.

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#6. House in Maine

3D Architectural Rendering of a House Design in Maine

This 3D architectural rendering shows a proposed design for a house located in a suburban town in Maine, USA. The classic-style residence is complete with a classic American car, which adds some personality to the overall look. The vibrant greens of the front lawn and the surrounding trees complement the exterior of the residence. And the calm sunny afternoon atmosphere matches the place perfectly, making it vividly picturesque.

#7. Residence in Utah

3D Architectural Visualization for a Project Presentation in Utah

Our studio made this 3D architectural rendering for a USA project in Utah. This contemporary house with clean geometric shapes looks absolutely stunning against the prairie landscape. The subdued tones of the residence exterior and its surroundings work great with each other. And the thin clouds in the sky make this rendering particularly atmospheric, adding a hint of movement to this otherwise still picture.

#8. Apartment Block in Vermont

Exterior 3D Architectural Render for a Residential Project in Vermont

The 3D architectural rendering above was created for a real estate company that developed this sleek and minimalist mid-rise apartment block in Vermont, USA. The developer needed this image, among several others, to start pre-selling the apartments. To show the block at its best, they chose a pleasant sunny day mood for the rendering. And they weren’t wrong — the building definitely looks inviting and ready to welcome its first residents.

Want to learn more about a similar project we did for the same client? Check out this case study on CGI for real estate in Vermont, USA.

#9. House in Michigan

3D Rendering for an Architectural Design Presentation in Michigan

We continue our list of examples of 3D architectural rendering for USA projects with this cozy-looking visualization of a house in Michigan. Our 3D artist did a really great job recreating this reserved but inviting modern design in photorealistic quality. The angle in the rendering shows us just enough of the lake so we can tell how amazing this place is — both as a vacation house and a permanent residence. And the soft sunset lighting fully ties the image together, giving it a calm and relaxed feel.

#10. Veterinary Clinic in Hawaii

3D Rendering of a Veterinary Clinic Concept in Hawaii

We made this 3D rendering for an architectural firm that developed a remodeling and expansion proposal for a veterinary clinic in Hawaii. The building was designed to look welcoming, and our CGI specialist made sure to convey that feeling in the image. Keeping true to the architects’ vision, the 3D artist worked meticulously on every detail from the selection of typical Hawaiian vegetation to the placement of images of people with their pets. That’s how we produced this stunning visualization for the clinic that, hopefully, will become reality in the nearest future.

Would you like to learn more about this project? Take a look at our case study on making this 3D building rendering.

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This was our selection of the 10 finest examples of 3D architectural rendering for USA projects in different states. We hope that it was useful for you in your search for high-quality visualization services. As for us, we will continue to create top-notch CGI for architects from the USA and other countries worldwide. And, of course, we’ll be sharing those works with you for inspiration.

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