Interior 3D visualization is a fantastic tool for presentations and marketing. However, it is vital to choose the right perspective options when using it. Thankfully, designers don’t have to limit themselves to only a couple of CG views. There are many different interior rendering options to choose from, each serving specific goals. And the good news is that our 3D rendering studio can provide those additional views at a much lower price than the first one. That’s because they will be produced using the already created 3D scene. All the CG artist will need to do is make some minor tweaks and render new images.

In the rendering above, you can see a typical main visual for an interior design presentation. The daylight from the windows and a wider camera angle provide a comprehensive view of the space, so every detail is clearly visible. However, there are other interesting options our CG studio has to offer. Let’s take a look at 12 additional views for the interior 3D visualization you can get at a discount!

#1. Ratio Change

Alternative Aspect Ratio for Interior CGI

First on the list of alternative options is changing the aspect ratio of the rendering. Here, the camera angle stays the same as in the main 3D picture, but the proportions of the image are changed from horizontal to vertical. Such imagery is perfect for social media platforms like Instagram or for mobile versions of the designer’s portfolio.

#2. Camera Angle Change

Camera Angle Change for Interior Rendering

With the whole interior scene already built in 3D, a CG artist can easily move the camera to render a new image. The subtle shift in perspective shown in the picture above ensures that three walls of the room are visible at once. As a result, this rendering provides a viewer with a clearer idea of how different details of the interior design come together to create a cohesive and comfortable living space.

#3. Opposite View

Rendering Options: Opposite Interior View

Moving the camera in the opposite direction can give viewers an even deeper understanding of the interior layout. Combined with the initial CG picture, these rendering options will demonstrate the proportions of the whole space and convey the essence of the project.

#4. Alternative Layout

Interior Visualization with Alternative Layout

Next on the list of interior rendering options is the room layout variation. Here, the camera position is the same as in the main view but the furniture and decor are rearranged. This rendering can help demonstrate how different interior setups would look.

#5. Zoom Out

Zoomed Out Interior CGI

A slight zoom-out gives a wider viewing angle to the rendering. These visualization options can help showcase a larger portion of the interior. As a result, they can provide a better grasp of the spatial relationships of design elements in the room.

#6. Zoom In

Interior Rendering Options: Zoom In

Besides backing away, a camera can be positioned closer to a particular area of the 3D scene. Utilizing this zoom feature results in a rendering that focuses on a certain part of the interior, providing a closer look at design elements, textures, and materials.

#7. Furniture Change

Interior Visualization with Alternative Furniture Options

It’s also possible to replace the furniture models with different ones. This option gives the ability to experiment with various design concepts and ideas that can be implemented in the interior. On top of that, it provides viewers with a better understanding of the functionality of the space. And it’s very easy to create since our studio has its own library of 3D furniture models from various brands.

#8. Decor Change

Interior Decor Change

Similarly to the previous solution, the same can be done with the decor elements. As you can see in the CGI for interior design above, pillows, lamps, and vases were swapped with other 3D assets. The additional interior rendering options with decor alternatives can demonstrate various customization variants to the designer’s clients.

#9. Color Change

Interior Rendering Options: Color Change

The color palette of the design elements can be changed effortlessly as well. Different color options in the interior renderings perfectly showcase the flexibility of the design. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that this additional view doesn’t include altering the textures.

#10. Finishes Change

Changing Up to 4 Finishes in the Interior Rendering

Up to 4 materials used in the interior rendering can be replaced by our client’s request. Here, experimenting with different options allows designers to visualize how various finishes contribute to the overall ambiance of the room. These alternative views can also be useful to illustrate the versatility of the interior.

#11. Lighting Change

Nighttime Interior Visualization

Additionally, an interior designer can order renderings of their project shown under different lighting conditions. Switching to the evening light can be used to evoke a specific mood and ambiance, ensuring an emotional connection between the designs and the viewers. Besides, it can also help demonstrate how effective the chosen interior lighting solutions work during the darker parts of the day.

#12. Detail Shot

Interior Rendering Options: Detail Shot

Close-up renders serve as an incredible tool to present a comprehensive view of a certain design element. These types of 3D pictures can be extremely beneficial if, for instance, a designer wants to showcase a custom furniture item made for the interior. Close-ups let a viewer get a more detailed understanding of furniture or decor pieces, as though a person was looking at them in the physical space.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

As you can see, our 3D rendering studio can provide designers with a wide variety of views beyond the main one. We hope that this list of 12 interior rendering options inspired you to explore and experiment with different visualization options within your next CGI project.

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Ian Diev
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