In the world of interior design, CGI has become a necessity for bringing concepts to life. But it can be challenging for a designer to make the most of this technology without the help of specialists. Not all interior design experts are proficient at working with photorealistic CGI software. Besides, professional rendering hardware might be an investment that doesn’t meet the designer’s budget. What to do in such cases? 3D visualization studio emerges as a fantastic solution to these and more issues. Find out about 5 challenges that outsourcing CGI for interior design helps solve!

#1. Inability to Scale Up and Take on More Projects

3D Rendering For Public Space

Creating 3D visualization is often a time-consuming endeavor. If interior designers undertake this task themselves, they may not have much time left to take on new projects or to improve their professional skills. By outsourcing CGI for interior design to a 3D rendering studio, they can focus on their career goals without worrying about where to get photorealistic visuals.

#2. Lack of Powerful Hardware or Limited Command of 3D Software

Powerful Hardware For CGI

Crafting photoreal CGI and animations demands state-of-the-art hardware. But many designers may lack the resources to acquire complex equipment like render farms. Here, outsourcing to professionals grants access to this and other cutting-edge technologies. It eliminates the need to spend fortunes on advanced computers.

What’s more, interior designers may not necessarily have experience with 3D software for creating photoreal visuals, such as Unreal Engine or 3ds Max. Here’s where professional CGI studios come to the rescue as well. The team of qualified experts will ensure that the interior designs are brought to life with stunning quality.

#3. Difficulty Finding the Right Materials and Textures

CGI Studio's Interior Assets Library

Even designers familiar with 3D visualization might face challenges finding the right furniture models, textures, or materials for their projects. Browsing online stocks can take too much valuable time. Outsourcing to a CGI studio helps with that by providing access to extensive libraries of pre-made 3D assets such as models of furniture from well-known brands. Besides, the 3D experts will help pick the appropriate assets in no time. This not only speeds up the creation of CGI for interior design but also enhances the quality and authenticity of the final visuals.

#4. Struggling to Convey the Intended Atmosphere

Living Room Interior Visualization

Many interior designers are proficient in modeling programs such as SketchUp or Revit. But this software cannot help with conveying a captivating atmosphere in CGI. Doing that requires expertise in setting photorealistic lighting and using various post-production tools. Outsourcing digital rendering for interior design to skilled professionals ensures that the intended ambiance is accurately captured.

#5. Lack of Time to Achieve 100% Photorealism

Photorealistic Restaurant CGI

The pursuit of photorealism demands a significant investment of time. This is a luxury that not every design expert can afford. From communicating with clients to managing projects, they already have a lot on their plate. Using professional 3D visualization services ensures that the project deadlines are met without compromising on the quality of renders.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

All in all, the challenges posed by creating CGI for interior design on your own can be solved by outsourcing it. This way, designers can save time to focus on business growth, enhance the efficiency of their workflow, and always have high-quality visualizations of their designs ready on time.

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Ian Diev
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