In some ways, real estate sales follow the natural ebbs and flows of the seasons. Most families move during the summer break. Winter is a slower time with fewer listings and fewer potential buyers. But those who are looking for property in cold months are often more likely to be serious about closing the deal than summertime browsers. Also, in wintertime, with your competitors going into a bit of a hibernation of their own, your content has a better chance of reaching your potential buyers organically. But your real estate seasonal marketing visuals need to be up-to-date. For instance, in countries where January is the coldest time of the year, trying to sell a house in this month using images focusing on green gardens and swimming pools might fail.

So, in different seasons, selling properties requires different approaches. Having collected the market statistics and with 10+ years of experience working for real estate specialists, our 3D rendering studio knows what works best at each time of the year. Let’s dive into real estate seasonal marketing! 

#1. Spring

Spring Property Rendering

In spring, the real estate market experiences a notable uptick in activity. According to Zillow’s data, homes listed from mid-March to May sell the fastest – and at a higher price. So, this season is statistically favorable for property transactions, as buyers tend to become more active with the warming weather. However, this also means that’s a time of increased competition. 

One of the best methods to boost your seasonal marketing in spring is to host or participate in outdoor local community events. After wintry days, people are ready to get out. So, such events are a great way to network, have your name on the banners, or give away your flyers.

Spring months are also the perfect time to boost a property’s curb appeal. This way, you will not only present it in the best possible light but will also potentially sell it at a higher price. So, update your listings, especially if the last photos were taken during the winter. Fresh flowers and sunbeams will make any home look more inviting. 

If the properties you’re selling are not finished yet, make the most of high-quality CGI, emphasizing the landscaping and outdoor amenities. Aside from listings, you can use these visuals to set up a newsletter or a whole email drip campaign to prime your potential buyers for the summer.

#2. Summer

Summer 3D Exterior Rendering

Home buyers are very active in summer. Because of the school break, you’re likely to get a seasonal uptick in both sellers and buyers with kids who didn’t want to move during the school year. However, you’re also likely to get quite a lot of browsers who are not yet ready to commit to a purchase. That means you’re going to have busy schedules but not necessarily a high percentage of closed deals.

Depending on your location, throwing a seasonal community event might once again be highly beneficial. Word-of-mouth marketing in real estate goes a long way, so you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy expert among the locals.

When it comes to digital real estate seasonal marketing, consider creating a summer-themed landing page. Focus on visuals that catch the eye. If the house you’re selling has a beautiful garden, a pool, or a green rooftop terrace, it’s high time to showcase them in full splendor.

Real estate rendering will come in handy if the property is under construction. Ask your 3D visualization contractor to create renders with a summer vibe and a focus on the outdoor amenities of the future house.

#3. Fall

Autumn Real Estate Rendering

In fall, families with children settle for the school year. The busy summer buying season starts slowing down. So, what should real estate marketers do to stay afloat?

Keep getting involved in community events. You can jump on the bandwagon of seasonal harvest festivals, corn mazes, and other similar activities. Here, sponsoring or volunteering is a surefire way to get your name out there and boost your real estate seasonal marketing efforts. Don’t forget to take some nice photos at any notable events you participate in and post them on your business’s social media accounts. As videos keep getting even higher engagement, try to shoot them as well whenever possible.

Overall, there are fewer properties and fewer buyers in autumn, so focus on educating them about the upcoming market trends and opportunities. As shooting new promo materials might get increasingly challenging due to the weather conditions, consider making the most out of CGI to ensure all your marketing visuals are high-quality and captivating. 

In general, focus on sharing your expertise. You might write a newsletter or conduct a free webinar. Even if you won’t close any deals immediately, it will warm up your audience for the future. 

#4. Winter

Seasonal Winter CGI for Real Estate

It takes twice as long to sell real estate during winter compared to summer. On average, in summer you’ll need about 30 days, while in winter it’s up to 75. In December, people are too busy with holidays to look for real estate or to prepare their homes for selling. Shorter light days and bad weather also discourage quite a lot of prospects from attending house showings. However, those who do look for real estate in winter, tend to be more serious about getting the deal closed.

Most of the winter potential buyers are looking for their second homes. So it makes sense to focus on marketing cozy places away from bustling city life. Leveraging CGI can be quite important here as a lot of people will rely on 3D tours and other kinds of visual presentations instead of commuting, at least to get the first feel of the place.

Winter is a great time for drip email campaigns. Even if you don’t sell real estate immediately, you will gauge the interest, understand your leads better, and get ready for the high season.

#5. Holidays

Halloween 3D Rendering for Real Estate

Regardless of the seasonal changes, it’s always a good idea to capitalize on the holiday trends. It’s especially vital for social media real estate marketing. If you do it right, your lovely Halloween-themed picture is way more likely to reach new audiences organically. And, who knows, maybe your fairy lights-filled real estate pic will be soon trending on Pinterest.

With holiday marketing, visuals are everything. Fortunately, there’s no need to redo photoshoots for every holiday. CGI offers the opportunity to integrate thematic seasonal decor into marketing images easier and quicker than ever. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, renders can showcase housing with relevant decorations that will add a touch of festivity to your listings, resonating with the audience. 

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

Real estate seasonal marketing follows the cycle of the year, and each season comes with its unique challenges for industry players. In any season though, your visuals of housing on sale need to be high-quality, relevant, and captivating. 

Looking for ways to ensure you always have top-notch imagery? Get in touch with us at ArchiCGI and see how a reliable and experienced 3D rendering services provider can contribute to your real estate business success!

Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.