Product 3D Models for Furniture Promotion

Outsource 3D product modeling is a valuable asset for getting jaw-dropping and photorealistic visual materials for marketing campaigns. Moreover, the variety of CGI types and products help to create unique content for different platforms and purposes.

Marketers of a big furniture company have to prepare a stunning and informative catalog of all existing products, and in a very short time too. The scope of work is so huge and the deadline is really strict – there is no way they will be able to organize the photoshoot on schedule. The mere manufacturing of product prototypes will take the whole time they have, not to mention finding a highly professional photographer, transporting furniture, renting a photoshooting place and building a set. The only way out is to hire an outsource 3D modeling contractor. However, the previous experience of working with freelancers wasn’t successful – constant delays, problems with quality, and lack of responsibility. So what can Marketers do to make an excellent furniture catalog in time?

An outsource 3D modeling company is a time-saving solution in such situations. It maintains high-quality standards and guarantees results within the deadline. Moreover, once established a partnership with a reliable 3D product modeling company can solve all mentioned problems with outsource contractors for good. Learn how to set effective cooperation with a CGI studio and make the best out of it.  

#1. Learn About Products of 3D Modeling

3D modeling services provide various products that can be used for different types of projects depending on marketing purposes. When choosing an outsource studio for long-term cooperation, it is important to pay attention to options it offers and understand what kind of visual materials one can get – the more 3D modeling products a CGI company makes, the more varied content a Marketer will be able to create. For example, lifestyle product images are ideal for catalogs, 360 view is perfect for product pages on e-commerce websites, 3D animation is the best option for a video blog, etc. In this way, a Marketer gets access to different marketing channels with the most effective type of content for each of them.

#2. Create Detailed Briefs for Projects

A Brief for a 3D Product Modeling Project

Accuracy and detail of the briefs are the keys to a successful outcome of any 3D modeling project. Marketers should make sure that their technical assignment not only includes a description of the task but also clearly states what the final result will be used for. Thus, outsource 3D product modelers will better understand what needs to be done in terms of format and resolution, as well as mood and atmosphere. Moreover, all necessary requirements and specifications have to be outlined thoroughly before the working process begins in order to avoid mistakes and miscommunication with a team of 3D Artists.

#3. Provide A Variety of References