3D Modelling Services for Online Content Creation

Product CGI is a powerful tool for product promotion as it enables manufacturers to create jaw-dropping SMM content. High-quality, informative and full of impact – the kind that drives customer engagement and boosts brand loyalty. That’s where product CGI comes: it is much faster than photography and offers infinite creative possibilities. Want your social media campaign to attract plenty of attention to your products and bring new customers? Take a look at 7 ideas on how you can improve social media engagement with product rendering software.

7 Ideas For Viral Content Creation By Means Of Product CGI

#1. Poll Posts With Product CGI

The polls help manufacturers to learn about audience’s preferences. For example, raise the question about the choice of fabric for sofa upholstery and ask people to share their views. Involving the audience in discussion helps to test a market demand for the furniture you’re about to release.

Images must be in the same style, so product CGI helps to easily recreate all design variations. Unlike photography, 3D modeling doesn’t require transporting furniture to a studio and coordinating a photoshoot. In fact, you don’t even need the product to be manufactured. To deliver a collection of stylistically similar photorealistic images 3D modeling company creates product CGI with appropriate lighting and texture customization. You can use Facebook built-in polls to determine what item is better to invest into.

#2. Informative Posts With 3D Cutouts

Visuals with product cutouts improve customer engagement as they allow to ascertain the quality without seeing the actual item. Showing inner functional details proves that brand cares about clients, so they will reward the company by likes, clicks and purchases. Most importantly, 3D cutout highlights competitive advantages – either the quality or unique composition of the furniture. There is no need for long explanations, as one glance will suffice – best advertising ever!

Moreover, for such a purpose you don’t have to manufacture a physical prototype, 3d product rendering services allow to create convincing 3D Cutout images. Only the technical draft is required to perform 3D Cutout using product design rendering software.

Photoreal Product Rendering for a Furniture Piece on White

#3. Multiple-image Posts On Instagram

Instagram offers to display all the available options with a single post. Without any photoshoots, CGI creates views from various angles and demonstrates all the advantages of the furniture. For instance, one can showcase all benefits of a kitchen island with a detailed view or a birdview.  A scrollable catalogue is easy to create with product CGI. And accordingly, the client’s’ decision is not about “to buy or not to buy” but “which one to buy”.

High-Quality Product CGI for Kitchen Design

#4. Appealing Posts with 3D Animations

3D animation helps to appeal to customer’s imagination. Animated visuals let a client imagine already using furniture. He’ll see himself laying out journals on the table or make coffee with the coffee machine that your company offers. That’s where product CGI can be handy. 3D animations made with the help of product rendering in vray show all the features of an object and make for viral posts on various social networks including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

#5. 3D Posts on Facebook