Outsource Product Rendering is a comfortable and effective solution for furniture businesses. Instead of keeping in-house designers, just contact a professional 3D rendering company with good portfolio, tell them what you want and receive the results. Simple and effective, right?

Sadly, not everyone sees the benefits. A lot of industries are somewhat biased about outsourcing, and sometimes their concerns are justified. Most concerns, however, are nothing more than myths that have no ground to stand on and crumble under undeniable evidence of the contrary. Furniture producers, with some exceptions, have a lot of biased remarks about any form of remote work. To debunk possible concerns we present you top 7 myths about Outsource Product Rendering.

#1. The Images Don’t Look Realistic!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: A Dining Set

They say that no 3D render can look as beautiful as a professional photo. A huge misconception, to say the least! Current technologies and a team of professional 3D Artists can create breathtaking CGI. Like the one one you see below. There are more product visualisations like this in our portfolio, if you’d like to see more!

#2. There Is No Way To Control The Process Directly!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: A Cozy Armchair

Isn’t this the whole point of Outsource work – to lower the workload of your company and cut costs? Of course, there is no way you can oversee the process breathing down artists neck. But, using services like CGI CRM you can see the rendering process with your own eyes, as if you are sitting at the same table as the creator! It is possible to control several projects at once and have a 24/7 live chat with your personal Project Manager.

#3. The Security Is Compromised!

In business, just like in anything in life, mutual trust is of vital importance.If you want to be sure, financial security of transactions can be easily checked – if the studios use some shady banks or online services, they shouldn’t be trusted in the first place. If you are concerned about the integrity of intellectual property, most of the same principles can be applied here as well. You only need to send furniture specifications and material type, all other details are discussed during the production. If you are asked to provide confidential data, something is definitely suspicious. A copy of the render goes to Outsource studio’s portfolio – you don’t want to get all the credit, do you?

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#4. There Is No Way Of Knowing The Results Before The Image Is Finished!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: Elegant Chairs View05

Of course there is! Unlike for Furniture Photography, by the way. Again, all Outsource Rendering services have 24/7 feedback, as was mentioned previously. It instantly provides information about the current state of the project. Changes can be made on the spot, which is not the case with photography, when you are left in the dark until you get the results.

#5. It Costs Less, So Quality Is Lower Too!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: White Desk View06

So, the cost of photoshoots doesn’t bite your wallet? Well, why else were you looking for an alternative? Oh, right – a single photo can’t show the object from all sides and to change color or texture you need to produce a new prop or do some serious editing. And don’t forget how much time and effort it takes to make a catalog using photoshoots!

Remember myth #1? You can estimate the quality of 3D Rendering an Outsource company can produce by checking out its portfolio. Modern 3D Architectural Visualisation Software can create items and scenes that are virtually indistinguishable from photos. Not just that – the color scheme, texture, decor, e.t.c. of the future Product can be changed on the fly for free.

#6. A Foreign Business Might Fail To Understand The Details Due To Language Barrier!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: A Comfy Bed View07

When are you asking this from, 1800s? Currently, English is the language of international communication, and foreign companies never tap into international market before their employees are at least nearly fluent English speakers.

#7. It Takes Ages To Produce An Image With Outsource Product Rendering!

Examples Of Outsource Product Rendering: Stylish Shelving View08

See for yourself using test drive feature. A test image is completed in under a day, and it’s a finished Product, polished and looking deliciously photorealistic. Sure, if you need a whole lot of renders to fill your catalog, it would take a while – but if a large creative team is rendering visualisations, you can get the results depending on the size of the catalog – just do some simple math. It would be faster than waiting for the photos anyway.

So, should you trust Outsource Product Rendering studios to fill your catalogs? Yes, but check their credibility and portfolio quality first. Why hire in-house 3D artists when you can have a cheaper alternative with no commitment? Why be at service to professional furniture photographers, waiting for weeks and providing new supplies to “make the scene look good”, when you can get better and much faster results while supervising the process?

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Then what are you waiting for? Start today by going online and striking a sweet deal for professional rendering services!

Catherine Paul
Content Writer, Editor at ArchiCGI

Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.