Launching Furniture With Product Design Rendering

Product design rendering has changed the way new merchandise is introduced to the market. An entirely new way of visualizing ideas that is cheaper than classic means, shows things that don’t exist yet and saves hours of calculations and truckloads of paper for sketches. The furniture models could be morphed, recolored or rendered as if they were made from different materials – something impossible to achieve with hand-drawn sketches or photography. Not just that – the images can present the items from different points of view, at any time of day, with gorgeous volumetric lighting and fitting decor. 3D product rendering is truly a revolution in promotion and merchandise launches.

During last ten years the Internet and 3D rendering have completely changed the way new products are launched. Companies gained a much clearer picture of the market and could receive direct feedback from potential clients. Communication via social media made marketing a product launch super effective and impactful. Now furniture producers have another ally to make their lives easier – an outsource 3D rendering company providing high quality 3D product visualizations.

Thanks to rapid prototyping, product design rendering can help not only during promotional phase of marketing campaigns, but also during product launch itself. For example, in Japan tons of digital prototypes are flooding the market every season, yet only the most successful become actual serial merchandise. Today you’ll learn how to develop and launch new furniture designs with CGI. Follow these tips and guidelines and your marketing campaigns will be a blast every time!

Product Design Rendering: A Revolution In Furniture Launching

#1. Understand The Clients’ Needs

Launching Furniture With Product Design Rendering: Clients' Needs

With CGI you no longer need to produce disposable props to test the market. 3D product design rendering provides you with photorealistic furniture images – use them for promotion, as if the models were already in production. The clientele will decide whether the piece is worth producing or not.

#2. Study The Competitors And Untapped Markets

Launching Furniture With Product Design Rendering: Competition And New Markets