CGI Or Product Photography Studio: Amazing Armchairs

Product photography studio is a classic provider of marketing images for catalogs. It has been the favorite option for furniture companies for decades, and that made sense. For no other means could deliver the needed level of realism and look so artistic and appealing. So much that things like complicated workflow, high costs etc were considered minor obstacles on the way of getting high-quality product photos that just hit the target.

However, times have changed. More and more companies, among whom major market players, are using product rendering services rather than photography. For instance, amazing IKEA catalogs are filled with product renderings, and they sell furniture to millions of people every day. Who don’t even realize that the pretty illustrations are all 3D. Likewise, many other companies saw CGI as an opportunity to be more productive and cost-effective.

So what exactly is there about cg images that makes Manufacturers and Marketers change their minds?

#1. Infinite Opportunities For Creativity

A good product image is the one that captures attention. So much that when a person’s looking through the website, he or she pauses and clicks to see more. To achieve that effect, furniture brands used to go at great length. They organized large-scale photoshoots, produced plenty of prototypes, transported them to unbelievable locations – idyllic meadows, picturesque medieval streets, blooming gardens and stately mansions. To make everything happen, they invited professional models, fashionable photographers and bought mountains of decor.

That enduring process resulted in beautiful professional photography but took loads of time and money. Meanwhile, with CGI studio all Marketer needs to do is send 3D studio descriptions of a concept – and get perfect results. No trips, prototypes, decor, fashionable photographers or models – just a hard-working team of 3D Artists.

#2. Easy Workflow. Way easier than with Product Photography Studio

Product Roomset for Chairs

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