High-Quality Product Rendering for Chairs

The competition on furniture market is on a whole new level today – most notably of the Chinese manufacturers who offer significantly lower prices. As a result, to keep the sales growing, it is necessary to spend more on advertisement and marketing. Unfortunately, even though huge sums of money and lots of time are spent on development and production of furniture, the products are not popular, and the money ends up wasted.

Even if you manage to create a really successful product, only one or two colors will usually be popular, while you’ll still have to create samples and ads featuring all possible colors.

Moreover, Chinese manufacturers visit big furniture exhibitions more and more often, which allows them to study new offers on the market. In a few months, you can see Chinese knock-offs just like the products from the exhibition, but much cheaper. How can you avoid spending too much money on development and marketing and protect your unique design ideas from plagiarism?

Photorealistic product rendering for home furniture

The biggest manufacturers of furniture widely use architectural visualization to lower the marketing costs. For example, IKEA’s latest catalogues were created in 3D. Product rendering in catalogues, on the websites and in other advertising materials, are not only photorealistic, but also have the following benefits:

1. The ability to create photorealistic renderings of the future furniture collection and use them in your catalogue and for advertisement. This way, you can research the market and find out which products will be more popular. It will allow you to spend money on actual manufacturing only after your products are pre-ordered. Making samples of different colors will only cost a few dollars, and you won’t spend anything at all on manufacturing and materials.

2. The possibility to create product rendering both in the interior and with the white background. You won’t have to rent a studio, hire a photographer and pay thousands of dollars for just a couple of pictures from your catalogue. Product renderings like house renderings are significantly cheaper.

3. The ability to let your clients “touch” the furniture on your website. Here is an example: