3D Product Rendering for a Gorgeous Pink Sofa

Product visualization services have no set standard for pricing, and overall cost varies from company to company. So it comes as no surprise that businesses which outsource CGI for their goods always try to find the cheaper alternative, for different reasons. Maybe a company wants to expand marketing campaigns by increasing funding for PR or add a large catalog but has a very limited budget. Maybe the business just don’t know how much they have to reserve for CGI outsourcing. Regardless, the issue remains – companies lack funding for 3D visualization. So to help you avoid that, we will explain how product cgi pricing is formed and how to reduce it without sacrificing quality.

So, what determines product visualization services pricing? Obviously, the first thing that affects project cost is its size. Next thing that can drastically increase the budget is the number and scale of revisions. For despite trying one’s best to avoid them, sometimes major corrections are inevitable – and they aren’t free. Another thing that increases both the cost and time of the creation process is the addition of “extra options”. Normally, CGI is provided in the full-HD resolution, but there are also 4K Ultra-HD pictures, panoramic views or VR-ready scenes, all of which drastically increase project price. Finally, sometimes businesses may want unique scenes for imagery and custom-made decor – to make their marketing visuals really stand out. This allows to get show-stopping assets but naturally adds to the workload and fee.

As you can see, the cost of 3D rendering services is based on a clearly defined set of criteria – which means one can adjust the project to reach the best pricing solution. And now, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to lower it.

#1. Don’t Rush The Project

3D Product Render for a Sofa in a Roomset

3D modeling and rendering take some time, and if one needs to get CGI fast, the fee increases due to urgency. Every scene is created and rendered within at the very least 24 hours – the bare minimum required to make a good image. Of course, it can be done faster, but it would require the involvement of more teams of professional 3D artists, and therefore would cost more. So the first thing a company should do to reduce product visualization services cost is not placing an order at the last minute. Ideally, it would be great to add a few days to project deadline – to prevent accidents from ruining the process.

#2. Provide Full Specifications

How To Save Up On Product Visualization Services And Still Get Great Results: Provide Accurate Specs