CGI has long since become irreplaceable in the work of architects and real estate experts. And this amazing technology keeps evolving in many ways. For instance, the integration of 3D animation with drone footage now emerges as a new trend. This technique is called camera tracking. It allows to make the process of creating CG videos more efficient and the results even more realistic and visually stunning.

Our architectural rendering studio always keeps up with the latest trends in the industry. And today we’d like to discuss the benefits of combining computer-generated animation with real-life drone footage. Let’s get into it!

#1. Time Efficiency 

Creating an entire 3D scene from scratch can be time-consuming. It is especially so when you need an aerial view that requires modeling a lot of objects and landscape elements. However, when integrating drone footage with 3D animation, a CG artist doesn’t need to create the entire scene anymore. Instead, they only need to model the future building and then blend it seamlessly with a provided video of the location. This significantly speeds up the project, allowing you to get presentations and marketing materials much faster. 

#2. Budget Saving

The time efficiency of combining 3D animation with drone footage directly translates into cost savings. Without the need to model every detail of the environment, you don’t have to pay your 3D visualization studio as much as you would’ve had otherwise. 3D artists are usually paid per hour, so fewer hours of work means lower costs for you. This means you can lower your budget for animation and allocate resources to other important aspects of your work instead.

#3. Exceptional Accuracy and Realism 

For architects and real estate professionals, conveying how a future building will work with its environment is crucial. Here, whether it’s for city planner approvals or client presentations, accuracy is key. And It’ll be far easier for you to accurately illustrate and explain your ideas when almost everything your audience sees already exists. 

That’s exactly what happens if you opt for 3D animation combined with drone footage. It offers unparalleled realism. The real-world video footage provides an authentic backdrop, while the 3D modeling allows for a precise representation of the future structure. This blend ensures stakeholders can fully grasp how the project integrates with its environment, making their decisions more informed and grounded in reality.

#4. Enhanced Visual Experience

Integrating 3D animation with drone footage creates an exceptionally lifelike and engaging experience. It’s like using a time machine in a way: the audience can see a project that is yet to be built but in the already existing place. Here, the potential for emotional impact exceeds what can be achieved with static images or regular 3D animations. This visual experience will surely captivate even the most discerning audiences.

#5. Boost to Vacant Land Sales 

The question of how to sell vacant land is often a tricky one for real estate professionals. 3D animation combining CG elements and drone footage of the actual location can be an immense help. Using it, you can show future buildings that can potentially be constructed here, not just an empty spot. And all this without compromising on realism. Such a visualization can significantly enhance the appeal of the property. All because it will be far easier for potential buyers to envision living or working there. So you can potentially sell properties faster and at better prices.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

Overall, the integration of 3D animation with drone footage offers architects and real estate experts a powerful tool to enhance their presentations. It also saves time and money and provides realistic and engaging visual experiences. As this technology continues to evolve, its adoption can set you apart in the competitive field and boost your business.

Want to try it out and need a reliable 3D visualization services provider? Contact us today to get top-notch 3D animation that will captivate your audience! 

Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.