Realistic 3D Rendering for a Stylish Chandelier CGI Roomset

3D rendering artist is a person who transforms design projects and concepts into breathtaking imagery – only to stay hidden behind his own masterpieces. But what should architects and designers know about a 3D Artist before deciding to get visual materials for any professional purposes, whether project presentations or portfolios or advertisement?

When drawings and verbal descriptions no longer speak to clients, it’s time to find new ways to showcase one’s design ideas. 3D visualization helps to achieve everything that wasn’t possible with the help of sketches and drawings: unbelievable realism, different angles, the variety of backgrounds, endless options of color shades and textures etc.

But what should we know about those who make CGI and provide architectural visualization services before starting cooperation with them? How do 3D Artists work? And what skills do they have to create such outstanding pieces of digital art? Learn 5 important facts about creators of visual masterpieces now to make a productive and mutually beneficial collaboration with them in future.

#1. 3D Rendering Artist is a Multitasking Specialist

Photorealistic 3D Visualization For a Skyscraper in an Evening City Scene

Photorealistic 3D Rendering For a Building in a City Environment

3D Artists work at the intersection of different creative professions combining artistic features with the technical routine. Many of them have experience in photography, painting and sculpture, because working with 3D visualization unites all these types of art and converts crafting skills into the digital form. To give you an idea, 3D modeling is inextricably linked with sculpting, as a realistic depiction of complicated forms requires understanding of proportions and dimensions. As for photography, it gives 3D Rendering Artist the knowledge of using angles, lighting and different types of shots. Video editing skills are vital for 3D animation as it allows creating high-quality multimedia content by using captivating shotcuts, dynamic transition effects and vibrant filters.

As a result of this extraordinary combination of knowledge, a 3D Artist knows how to adjust angles to present a project in the most appealing way, how to convey the ambiance in a 3D rendering or animation, even what scene will highlight best an exterior design. The same way, an experienced 3D Artist sees at once whether an interior looks more impactful in the morning sunlight or dim artificial light. So he will gladly provide his advice on a perfect environment for a skyscraper, be it a mystical twilight, like on the 3D rendering above, or an edgy urban landscape.

#2. 3D Expert is a Techno Geek