In architecture and real estate, visual presentations play a crucial role. Whether in marketing, stakeholder pitches, or competition bids, visuals help showcase the true potential of a project. 3D rendering offers an ultra-efficient way to create attractive imagery for all the mentioned purposes. It works perfectly for interior, exterior, and outdoor area designs. Among other types, outdoor spaces 3D renders can be especially useful for architectural and real estate marketing. That’s because they usually showcase places for relaxation and beautiful landscapes, which are bound to inspire positive emotions in the viewer. 

Want to know how stunning outdoor spaces renders for architects and real estate specialists can look? Our 3D visualization studio presents seven examples of outdoor area renders from our projects. Let’s check them out!

#1. Covered Porch with a Fireplace

Covered Porch 3D Visualization

This outdoor 3D render brings to life the design of ArhiCGI’s long-time partner, US-based architect Mark Shattuck from Dream Home Studio. A part of the gorgeous residence, the covered porch looks so inviting – a perfect retreat for any season. 

The 3D render highlights the cozy fireplace as well as the stone and wood materials used in the design. It also showcases the inviting seating area and how indoor comfort blends with outdoor peaceful forest scenery. The realistic textures and lighting in the render, as well as overall warm hues, enhance the visual appeal of the image. 

#2. Rooftop Lounge Bar

Lounge Bar Outdoors 3D Rendering

Imagine sipping cocktails while surrounded by lush greenery and enjoying city views at the same time. This rooftop lounge bar rendering invites you to a cozy yet luxurious space hidden away from the noises and fast-paced bustle of the big city. 

A great example of outdoor spaces 3D renders, this image presents the modern, chic design of the bar area with stylish furniture and decor shown in detail. Also, here you can see how integrating people in 3D renderings can help emphasize the lifestyle associated with the spaces. The “populated” CG image shows that the bar is perfect for social gatherings, be it a business meeting or a date.

#3. Infinity Pool Terrace

Terrace 3D Rendering

This render showcases a seaside residence in Greece. The design was created by Murat Özcelik, the director of Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst studio, for Konstantin Filippou, an Austrian top chef. 

Among other beautiful architectural 3D renders made within the project, this one showcases the luxurious outdoor space with a pool and large patio. It also captures the stunning landscape views. The CG image shows how modern luxury blends in with natural beauty, highlighting the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The careful choice of materials, which combine a modern and ancient vibe, and natural daylight ensure a calm, elegant feel.

#4. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen CGI

Another one of the interior and exterior renders we’ve created for Mark Shattuck depicts an outdoor kitchen in a villa in Georgia, US. The rendering highlights how outdoor and indoor spaces work together, creating a relaxed atmosphere. It also highlights modern appliances and demonstrates a comfortable lounge area nearby. 

The realistic textures and colors make it easy to imagine hosting friends and family gatherings here. You can picture cooking delicious feasts in this well-designed kitchen. This fine example of outdoor spaces 3D renders shows both the functionality and beauty of the project. Specifically, it demonstrates how an outdoor kitchen can add value to a property.

#5. Gorgeous Rooftop Terrace

Outdoors 3D Rendering of Rooftop Terrace

This 3D rendering for real estate marketing showcases the luxurious rooftop terrace. It is one of the renders we made for a high-end property in California designed by Sterling-Huddleson Architecture. The CG image shows a comfortable lounge with a pool, lush greenery, and breathtaking surrounding scenery. This 3D render captures the essence of relaxation. Ultra-realistic textures along with beautiful light and shadows paint a picture that inspires and captivates. On top of that, a slightly elevated angle allows one to see both the leisure areas and the grandiose ocean views.

#6. Poolside Lounge in a Villa

Outdoor Pool 3D Rendering

This Mediterranean-style villa in California has a stunning poolside area. Here, the example of outdoor spaces 3D renders highlights the design and the relaxed mood of the place. It shows the elegant pool, comfy lounge chairs, and beautiful landscaping. The water, lighting, and materials look extremely photorealistic. This makes it easy to picture spending a sunny day by the pool and highlights how an area like that can enhance the living experience.

#7. Kids Playground in a Mountain Resort

Outdoor Playground 3D Rendering

A well-designed playground can be a highlight of a recreation facility. This outdoor space 3D render of a kids’ playground in a mountain resort proves it well. The visualization shows vibrant colorful structures that promise joyful playtime. It also gives a glimpse of the natural surroundings, making the place look especially charming and inviting. Overall, the realistic visual makes it easy to imagine children playing and exploring this fun and safe place against mountains and cozy wooden houses.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

Outdoor spaces 3D renders can become an invaluable asset for your presentations and marketing. However, you’ll need a true CGI expert to create them. Working with complex textures, lighting, and environments as well as conveying the intended atmosphere in 3D requires a professional touch of experienced artists. If that is what you need, you are in the right place.

Looking for a trustworthy 3D visualization services partner that will boost your marketing efforts? Contact us at ArchiCGI to get a team of seasoned artists working on your next project! 

Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.