Outsource 3D Rendering for an Exterior Design Project

3D architectural rendering outsourcing is an effective means to get stunning visual materials without much effort. While outsource 3D Artists are doing high-quality renders for presentations and marketing, Architects will be free to work on other tasks.

An Architect needs to get impressive 3D renderings for a presentation that is coming soon. He has never worked with 3D visualization and he doesn’t have time or budget to hire in-house specialists as this project has strict deadlines. On top of that, he has other urgent tasks to work on at the same time. The Architect thinks about outsourcing 3D rendering but doesn’t know anything about this kind of services. Where does he start and what he should know in order to avoid the mistakes of beginners? He certainly can’t afford to pay for outsourcing architectural rendering services again if the first try will be unsuccessful.

As an outsource company specialized in 3D architectural rendering services, we know all about the pitfalls and challenges of finding a reliable cgi contractor. Good news is that we know a shortcut: where to search, what look for and what to expect. Want to avoid the rollercoaster of trial and error? Then join us on this 3-minute read and find out how to start outsourcing 3D rendering and find the perfect 3D graphics contractor for your projects.

Step 1: Determine Which Architectural Projects to Outsource

Outsource 3D Visualization for a Terrace Design Project

Depending on the scope of work, deadlines and financial possibilities, an Architect should decide which projects are best for outsourcing and which type of cgi is most suitable for this purpose. The priority is tasks with tight deadlines or those that are too difficult for staff members due to the lack of sufficient equipment or skills. 3D architectural rendering outsourcing can also be used as additional help with a large flow of projects for big and busy companies.

Step 2: Select a Few Suitable Outsource Rendering Studios

Outsource 3D Visualization Companies Online

In order to learn more about 3D architectural rendering outsourcing and understand how it works, it’s better to look up all the relevant information on 3D visualization companies’ websites. It’s well-advised to read reviews, check out portfolios, pricing, terms of cooperation in order to decide which company suits requirements the most. When one finds an outsource architectural rendering company that meet all standards, it’s time to fill in the re