High-Quality CG Rendring for a Stunning House Design

Nowadays 3D design visualization is a vital tool for architects to make their ideas come to life before real buildings are constructed. No hand-drawn sketches can convince investors or clients that a project is worth being paid for. 3D architectural visualization is a whole different story. Such imagery can show every little detail of a future building. Any material can be simulated through careful texturing – and for a relatively cheap price. And there is no need to keep an in-house 3D artists, since outsourcing project visualizations to an architectural rendering studio is a much more sound option to get results faster.

Every year more and more architects order 3D rendering of their ideas to achieve success. In fact, some architectural projects were approved thanks to ArchiCGI 3D design visualization services. This is a case study of how CGI can help you win the contract – with 10 examples of such winners!

3D Design Visualizations: 10 Awesome Projects

#1. 3D Design Visualization For Exotic Environment Projects

There are several routes architects can take to impress clients. One of them is placing a building in some sort of exotic environment, like this hotel project. Obviously, words won’t work here – and this is where 3D design visualization comes in. Just one look at how the structure fits luscious forest is enough to sell the idea. This way architectural design visualization paved way for this project’s success .

#2. Cozy Suburban Projects With 3D Design Visualization

Exotic environments are all well and good, but some real estate buyers look for something cozy and inviting. In this project the idea was to give the house a warm feeling while adding several interesting design choices. Both tasks were completed just as intended thanks to hard work of 3D rendering team working on this 3D design visualization.

#3. “Green” Housing With 3D Design Visualization

“Green” housing trend is in vogue right now, so it’s hardly surprising that competition here is fierce. In order to win such project it’s not enough to just throw in a bunch of trees or bushes – the house has to be a part of the environment. This project seamlessly integrates an eco-friendly building into surrounding flora, and 3D design visualization helped to make the most out of this cool idea.

#4. 3D Design Visualizations For Pools And Lounges

Outdoor pools and lounges are quite popular today. In order to stand out in the sea of counterparts, such projects need to have unique selling details. In this case these come in form of designer’s style. Sleek and modern, using black-and-white color scheme and polyhedron shapes it makes the owner’s experience much more visually entertaining. The 3D design visualization showcased the idea perfectly, resulting in a successful deal.

#5. Enticing Real Estate With 3D Design Visualizations

3D Rendering Services for Superb House Design

Real estate market is unforgiving when it comes to experimentation – people come here to buy dwellings, not art pieces! This poses a challenge to architects who, obviously, want to add personal stylistic touches that would give projects unique flair. In this case the selling point of the house is how cozy and inviting it looks, but designer didn’t stop at just that. Have a good look – the building is perfectly symmetrical, and has that candid “no nonsense” feeling to it that turns a run-of-a-mill real estate piece into an aesthetically pleasing one. Thanks to precise calculations and specs the 3D design visualization gave the blueprint a stellar rendition.

#6. 3D Design Visualizations For Classic Cottages

The urbanization trend is slowly grinding to a halt – more and more people prefer to move outside of big cities to embrace nature. Of course, it’s better to be one with the wild while drinking tea inside a cozy cottage, raising demand for this type of real estate. This inviting and respectable classic-styled project was professionally rendered as a 3D design visualization that almost caused clients to fight over buying it!

#7. 3D Design Visualizations For High Rise Architecture

Architectural 3D Rendering for Modern Commercial Design

High-Quality Rendering for Commercial Project Design

Skyscrapers require different skill set from architects than regular housing, and have a whole different market with much bigger businesses to appeal to. As such, this is wher