High-Quality CG Rendring for a Stunning House Design

Nowadays 3D design visualization is a vital tool for architects to make their ideas come to life before real buildings are constructed. No hand-drawn sketches can convince investors or clients that a project is worth being paid for. 3D architectural visualization is a whole different story. Such imagery can show every little detail of a future building. Any material can be simulated through careful texturing – and for a relatively cheap price. And there is no need to keep an in-house 3D artists, since outsourcing project visualizations to an architectural rendering studio is a much more sound option to get results faster.

Every year more and more architects order 3D rendering of their ideas to achieve success. In fact, some architectural projects were approved thanks to ArchiCGI 3D design visualization services. This is a case study of how CGI can help you win the contract – with 10 examples of such winners!

3D Design Visualizations: 10 Awesome Projects