Architectural apps allow to easily manage documentation, carry less instruments and, most importantly, to capture the fleeting moment of inspiration – for new, truly innovative ideas may never come back. Meanwhile, a successful Architect is a person that is always on the run. Meeting room, construction site, visiting suppliers, then back to the office – finally quietly working on the project. Oh maybe not that quietly – for there are always 7 more phone calls, then one more unexpected meeting … And let’s not forget about the architectural design rendering project – the final results need to be checked out today. Quite a schedule!

Which calls for optimization with architectural apps. Surprisingly, some of the most effective ones were not created for Architects specifically. Which makes them all the more difficult to track! But no worries: we’ve done it for you. Check out our selection of applications we’ve chosen to make your creative and multi-tasking work easier.

7 Architectural Apps For Creativity And Comfortable Field Work

#1. AutoCad Mobile (Former AutoCad 360) By Autodesk

AutoCad Mobile - One of the Best Architectural AppsPlatforms: Android, iOS and Windows 10

Available in both free and Pro versions

This is one of those architectural apps that make the site work of an Architect so much easier. The interface is intuitive, so it usually takes 10 minutes to figure it out. To begin with, the tool allows to work on site clutter-free. Instead of papers, he thus uses a handy application to create geo-special drawings, edit them, share with clients, make notes. As well as that, he can import drawings right from the email.

Furthermore, the app is perfect for meetings. Imagine your team not looking at a big screen, but passing the ipad, while discussing, making annotations. But the best thing is that you can use AutoCad to communicate with your colleagues at a distance, thus having an online interactive collaboration. Isn’t it handy?

#2. Sketchbook by Autodesk

Sketchbook - an Architectural App for Project PresentationsPlatform: Android, IOS, Windows 10


Fast and intuitive, Sketchbook is excellent for sketching. Owing to its rich toolkit, the application is unparalleled when it comes to concept-development and perspective drawings. Sketchbook offers the Architect a multitude of brush presets, drafting possibilities and a perspective tool – extremely lifelike and handy.

However, Sketchbook cannot be the only software for architectural presentation. Unlike Photoshop, it’s not meant for further linework editing or rendering. The app doesn’t have that great editing possibilities, so the beauty of resulting image entirely depends on the drawing skills of the User. Nevertheless, if you are searching for good architectural apps to collect ideas and create drawings, Sketchbook is the choice – owing to its speed and outstandingly wide range of tools.

#3. Houzz

Houzz - an Application for Designers and ArchitectsPlatforms: IOS, Android, Windows 10


This is an endless source of inspiration with innumerable ideas for interior and exterior, landscape or even pool design. It is similar to Pinterest in some ways, except that the former comes useful materials and comments. It’s like having an architecture magazine with millions of pages, where you find new ideas and contacts. Or even a market – for you can also buy materials there, directly from the image, and save money owing to the featured sales. Better still – you can find potential subcontractors with portfolios and all contacts available. Sounds like a worthy time investment! But, most importantly, the Architect may have his own account there a thus find new clients. You should download it – seriously!

#4.  RoomScan Pro By Locometric

RoomScan Pro - Useful Architectural App for Building Floor PlansPlatform: IOS

Available for free and in Pro version

This architectural application is meant for building accurate floor plans via Augmented Reality scanning. All the User needs to do is to point the camera, upon which the software turns the wall into a 3D model. After that, he exports the plan into a standard image format – for free. Receiving PDF or CAD format is feasible too, but that comes for a fee. And let’s take a look at one more important feature you should know. There isn’t much light in the room for the camera to see the wall? No worries. Roomscan allows to get a model by Touch Phone Against Walls method – and get the same result. You need such a function for exterior of the building, yard or a garden? Not a problem – with features ExteriorScan & PlotScan.

Now, that has a potential of saving loads of time and effort. For the Architect doesn’t have to do any sketching. Or to add a door, he simply touches the door frame. And with professional version, he can do editing, as well as add measurements and features. All that – within minutes, after which the User is able to instantly email the floor plan to his client and team.

#5. Autodesk BIMAutodesk BIM 360 Docs for Large-scale Architectural Projects 360 Docs By Autodesk

Platforms: IOS, Android

Available for free and in Pro versions

The app is a handy solution for optimizing the so-much-complex workflows of large-scale architectural projects. You keep finding yourself in a situation when you no longer know who does what, which design version is the last one and who on earth have been making changes to it? Then check it out. The first wonderful thing about this architectural application is the unlimited cloud storage. That is, the project team is able to keep and manage there all documents, including 2D plans and 3D models. Moreover, the app allows to control access to files through the permission level, track changes to the files, control different versions.

As a result – all members of your team work in perfect synchrony. The project moves smoothly, while you spend time doing your job instead of struggling with documents. A wonderful achievement!

#6. Sun Seeker By ozPDA

Architectural Apps: Sun Seeker for Working on the SitePlatforms: IOS, Android, Windows 10


This is one of the most useful architectural apps for working on the site. Want to know everything about the future house sun exposure? Then download Sun Seeker. It gives full information about the solar angle, sun paths, the time of sunset and sunrise and shows it in Augmented Reality. Need to learn the movement of the sun in winter around the property? Just choose a date and watch. Among other useful features, the app also has a solar compass and an interactive map. Isn’t it handy to have all the information clearly visualized? Thought so.

#7. Penultimate By Evernote

Penultimate - One of the Best Architectural AppsPlatform: IOS


Find yourself in constant need for jotting down ideas and details? While carrying loads of paper is neither practical nor eco-friendly. Typing on the go, however, doesn’t do the trick… Try Penultimate. It emulates the actual physical notepad, where you can write with stylus, in different colors, erase everything or return with “undo” button, cut out the note and move it around the page, etc. It’s like having a real notebook, but with all the advantages of the virtual one! And to keep everything in perfect order, you can manage the notes with Evernote. What a tool for creativity!

Architectural apps are those smart details that make all the difference when it comes to project effectiveness. In order to succeed, Architects need to constantly check out the market for novelties and find new solutions to increase their productivity. Besides, it’s good fun! Not so much fun? Then just read our lists for more information and you won’t need to search any more. May these architecture apps help your create inspiring projects!

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