Looking to get 3D architectural rendering for New York project presentations? In that case, it might be useful to start by browsing some examples of CG visuals created for other architects and real estate companies in the area. The first thing you’ll probably notice in those is the unmistakable urban atmosphere of New York State cities. With a distinctive blend of architecture from modern skyscrapers to cozy brownstones to the iconic Art Deco buildings, these cityscapes have a very unique and recognizable look. It’s especially important to convey that in the renderings if you want to give a successful presentation.

We wrote this article to show you how expertly the CG artists at our architectural visualization studio recreate the cities of New York in 3D. Here, you’ll see photorealistic renders we produced for presentations of both commercial and residential architectural designs in New York State. Let’s take a look!

#1. Lavitta’s Restaurant

3D Architectural Rendering of New York Restaurant Exterior

This 3D architectural rendering of a New York restaurant exterior instantly takes you to a busy city street. Set on a cool sunny autumn morning, the scene looks bright and fresh, emphasizing the lively and inviting feel of Lavitta’s. Our 3D artist depicted the classic and authentic design of the place and showed how beautifully it would work with the architecture of the existing building. Overall, the rendering accurately conveys the vibe of the restaurant, which is very elegant but also friendly and relaxed.

What makes the image particularly full of life is the placement of people. Some of them are enjoying their brunch at the outside tables, and some are on their way in for a delicious meal and a nice cup of coffee. The use of both static and dynamic figures makes the rendering look more immersive, realistic, and captivating.

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Finally, let’s say a few words about mind-blowing hyperrealism in this 3D rendering. It is a result of the 3D artist’s unparalleled attention to detail in the aspect of the restaurant’s surroundings. From the fire escape to traffic signs to bits of grass growing through the cracks in the pavement, everything was meticulously put together to make this corner look as life-like as possible. Together, all those subtle yet meaningful details create the typical New York atmosphere as we know it.

Apart from exterior visualization, our client also ordered interior restaurant 3D rendering. Our CGI experts made several images, some of which you can see above. Just like in the exterior, there are many elements of classic architectural elegance here. But yet, the place has quite a refreshing contemporary feel to it thanks to some unexpected design takes on the generally well-known style. The atmosphere inside is warm and cozy, greatly due to the soothing color palette and the abundance of natural materials. To highlight that mood, our 3D artists made sure to set the soft morning lighting in a way that would make the space look particularly calm and welcoming.

#2. Eleven Eleven Condominiums

In this project, our client needed 3D architectural rendering for a New York State townhouse pre-selling campaign. The luxurious condominiums are located in Elmwood Village, just steps away from the cultural hotspots of Buffalo, NY. So, naturally, one needs high-quality, photorealistic CG rendering to properly advertise this kind of prime real estate.

The 3D architectural visualizations above demonstrate the Eleven Eleven residential complex in soft daylight, with quiet streets around it and dreamy clouds in the sky. This setting emphasizes the selling points of the property, among which is its location in a beautiful green walkable neighborhood. The overall serenity of each rendering wasn’t achieved by chance. Rather than that, it’s a carefully curated on-brand look that is intended to attract the most interested prospects. After all, these visuals will form people’s first impressions of the complex. So, our 3D artists put in extra effort to make sure that future buyers would fall in love with these houses at first sight.

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Those were our two examples of 3D architectural rendering for New York projects. Hopefully, you found them inspiring and, perhaps, got a couple of ideas for your own next concept presentation. Soon, we will share more case studies about projects in New York and other states. So, stay tuned!

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Ana Wayne
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Ana is a content writer for ArchiCGI. She has a passion for design and architecture - and for talking about it. Outside of work, she is a fan of sci-fi movies and a street food connoisseur.