CGI for Real Estate in Glattfelden, Switzerland: Case Study

Scala Immobilien is a company with over 15 years of experience in real estate, construction, and sales. Patrick Scala, the firm’s CEO, contacted our 3D rendering studio in September 2023. They needed beautiful marketing materials for a new build to make a successful sale. That’s why the company decided to use our services to get outstanding CGI for real estate.

Read on to discover the details of creating 3D visualizations for this new residential development in Glattfelden, Switzerland.

#1. Tasks and References

Our task was to provide Patrick with 3D visuals for a residential project Vita 2.0. It’s going to be a new apartment complex in Switzerland, which will consist of 10 residential units with 3 apartments per each of the 3 floors and an attic floor with a roof terrace. The real estate firm is already using our CGI to market their future build.

The scope of work included:

  • 3 virtual tours, 1 for each of the 3 apartments;
  • 30 seconds of interior animation for the attic floor.

The final quality of the CGI for real estate had to be 6K, 300 dpi for the virtual tours, and FullHD for the animation.

Patrick provided us with all the necessary references:

  • floor plans of the units in PDF format;
  • drone photography of the location;
  • a Google Maps location of the residential complex;
  • 3D interior renders for furniture references;
  • color and material inspiration for the interior.
References for CGI for Real Estate

In the course of this project, our CGI specialists used the furniture models from our library of assets. They selected the most similar models to the client’s references. This helped us to significantly reduce the 3D virtual tour cost, as well as the production time.

Let’s check out the results of our collaboration!

#2. The Results of Making CGI for Real Estate

Here you can see the virtual tours of the apartments.

And now, let’s take a look at the interior animation.

Our client was satisfied with the results and is looking forward to continuing our partnership. Here’s his feedback from our CRM system.

CGI for Real Estate: Client's Feedback

#3. Marketing Usage of CGI for Real Estate

The results of our work have already been used for promotional materials on the company’s website and various social media accounts.

Real \estate 3D Rendering in a Property Listing
Real Estate 3D Renders Used in Marketing
Real Estate 3D Rendering on a Company's Website
Marketing Use of Real Estate CGI
Marketing Use of Real Estate CGI
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Our team of CGI specialists was delighted to work on this project. We are grateful to Scala Immobilien for the fruitful cooperation. And we are excited to create many more visualizations for their fantastic real estate projects.

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