CGI is a real boost for an architect’s presentations and promo materials. But is it always a budget-friendly solution? It highly depends on how you get this service. For instance, you might consider hiring an in-house 3D artist or even a team. You might think that being in close proximity to CG specialists will guarantee smooth communication and give you control over their work. These benefits, however, can be also easily ensured by seasoned project managers, custom CRM systems, and clear-cut workflows of professional CGI studios. And what about the financial aspect? As an architectural rendering company, we are ready to prove that in most cases it is more cost-efficient to outsource 3D visualization projects. So, how does CGI outsourcing save money for architectural firms? Read on to find out! 

#1. Reducing production expenses

3D Render of a Small House

Why is employing in-house 3D artists a significant and often unjustified expenditure for an architectural firm? First, you need to pay for hiring specialists and equipping their workplaces. Then, there are salaries, bonuses, holiday pays, sick leaves, as well as further training. And if the CGI workload in your firm is not steady, there’s a chance to face some unprofitable scenarios. For instance, when an extra large project comes up, in-house artists will find themselves overworked and will ask you for overtime wages. And when there are no 3D projects and your employees have nothing to do, you’ll still have to pay salaries. 

Outsourcing CGI prevents you from encountering all these troubles. It saves your money while ensuring everything gets done in a professional and timely manner. You don’t overpay because you’re only charged for the final product, and you get it only when you really need it.

#2. Saving on equipment and software

3D Rendering Equipment

3D modeling and rendering are demanding processes in terms of both hardware and software. Creating CGI on a computer that is not designed for it will impact the speed and quality of work significantly or won’t be possible at all. A suitable PC will cost around 4000$, and this is not counting the monitors. 

Some types of 3D visuals, for example, animations, are extremely difficult to create without a render farm. It is a network of powerful interconnected computers used solely for rendering. Render farms are widely used by large CGI studios. But building one at an architectural firm would definitely not be a reasonable investment. 

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Not only hardware, but the software for making CGI is costly as well. For instance, 3ds Max yearly subscription costs $1,785. 

If the costs of 3D equipment and software does not fit into your budget, you can always choose to outsource. How does CGI outsourcing save money in this case? You only pay for renderings. CGI studios already have all the needed software and equipment and always keep it up to date. 

#3. Broadening choice of pricing options

3D Render of a Bar Interior

Outsourcing CGI projects gives you more price-quality ratio options. If you hire local artists to work in-house, there’s a high chance the prices they ask for their services will be more or less similar. But if you are looking for a CGI contractor worldwide, you’ll have more price variety. Archviz companies charge differently depending on their location and experience. So, if you’re not satisfied with the local specialists’ rates, outsourcing CGI will help you save money without compromising quality.

#4. Getting discounts

3D Render of a Villa

In-house artists have a fixed salary. As for outsourcing CGI studios, they might offer their clients special deals and discounts. For example, at ArchiCGI, we offer a discount if your monthly payments are more than $5,000. So, if you need 3D modeling and rendering services often, or have large-scale projects, the answer to “how does CGI outsourcing save money?” is simple. By choosing to outsource, you are very likely to pay less in the long run.

#5. Using ready 3D assets

3D Assets Library

Working with a professional CGI studio gives you access to libraries of pre-made 3D assets. They include 3D models, textures, and even scenes. Not only does the usage of pre-made assets increase the speed of work, but it also saves money because you don’t have to pay for custom modeling of every detail. 

At ArchiCGI, our clients get access to our extensive 3D Stock containing over 60 thousand 3D models and 8 thousand scenes. The ready-modeled plants, vehicles, furniture items, etc. can be used as secondary elements in your renders with no extra charge. 

So, how does CGI outsourcing save money? They’re the obvious expenses, such as buying costly equipment and paying salaries, that you avoid with help of outsourcing. Plus, there are additional perks like access to the libraries of pre-made CG assets and discounts that can save you quite a lot of money in the long run. And, of course, with outsourcing studios you have more pricing options and can choose the most suitable one.

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Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.