The demand for high-quality visualizations in architectural companies is steadily growing. Because of this, even the best in-house teams may fall short in certain situations. There’s a fine line between being efficiently busy and overwhelmed, and sometimes the scales start tipping to the overwhelming side. In these cases, outsourcing architectural 3D rendering can be a strategic move. It will ensure your 3D artists both stay on track with their tasks and don’t burn out. 

Let’s explore five scenarios where reaching out to a professional architectural rendering studio can save the day in terms of your project demands and allow your CGI team to get a full night’s sleep.

#1. Seasonal Workload Peaks

Kitchen Architectural 3D Rendering

In regions with distinct seasons, construction and architectural design activities naturally ebb and flow, often peaking during the warmer months. So, spring and summer tend to be quite busy. This results in more projects and respectively the increased need for 3D visualizations. Such a seasonal surge can stretch in-house teams thin. Here, outsourcing can get them covered. 

For residential designers and interior decorators, outsourcing architectural 3D rendering is especially valuable. Quite often, they have more projects before major holidays. That is because homeowners want to renovate or redecorate before hosting their families and friends. Knowing this, one can plan outsourcing in advance. Doing so can alleviate the pressure, allowing design companies to handle extra projects without compromising on quality or timelines.

#2. Employee’s Temporary Unavailability

Outsourcing Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering

When some of your 3D artists are on vacation or fall ill, it can leave a hole in your delivery timeline and capacity. Outsourcing offers a seamless continuity plan, enabling projects to proceed without a hitch. You might not want to look for a freelancer every time something like this happens though. Here, a long-term partnership with an experienced architectural 3D rendering studio is a solution. They can always step in at a moment’s notice to ensure your project timelines are met with the same commitment to quality as if you were working with your in-house artists.

#3. Large Urgent Orders

Bedroom 3D Rendering

Every so often, an order comes along that’s both large in scope and tight in deadline. It can stretch the limits of your in-house capacities. Outsourcing architectural 3D rendering in this scenario becomes crucial for tackling the task. It allows you to scale up your production capabilities temporarily and meet urgent demands. This flexibility ensures you can say “yes” to more opportunities without the risk of running your CG artists into the ground.

#4. Technical Resource Gaps

Exterior 3D Rendering

The 3D visualization field is advancing rapidly, with widespread usage of 3D animation in architecture and other technologies like virtual tours and immersive experiences becoming increasingly popular. Not every in-house team has the hardware and software to create such complex CG visuals. Outsourcing to a studio equipped with the necessary tech infrastructure, like rendering farms, can bridge this gap. It will allow you to leverage cutting-edge solutions without overinvesting in technology. After all, you might not need those solutions on a daily basis – or might just lack the budget at the moment. 

#5. Need for Innovative Presentations

Staying competitive often means pushing the boundaries of how you present your designs. When your resident 3D artists lack the specific skills to produce animations, virtual tours, or immersive experiences, outsourcing architectural 3D visualization allows you to offer more to your clients. Collaborating with a specialized studio increases your chances to impress a discerning client with innovative presentations. As a bonus, it might enhance your team’s learning curve through exposure to new techniques and approaches.

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Outsourcing architectural 3D rendering is a smart way to extend your capabilities without overworking your in-house artists. When someone else has your back, your team can focus on doing tasks they truly excel at as well as on improving their skills. All in all, strategic partnerships with a reliable CGI contractor help you maintain a healthy work-life balance inside your firm and stay ahead of competitors.

Are you looking for 3D rendering services to boost your architectural firm’s performance? Reach out to us, and let’s make your next project shine with the help of our skilled CG professionals!

Stacey Mur
Content Writer, Copywriter

Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.