Photorealistic CGI for Architectural Projects

Photorealistic rendering companies provide different industries with impressive visual materials for sales and marketing – and this fast and in exquisite quality. In fact, rendering services are so diverse that any business can find a cgi product for their goal, be it project presentations, marketing campaigns or sales enablement.

Let’s imagine an Interior Designer who wants to find faster ways to get top-quality images for his project presentations. He has heard about photorealistic 3D rendering but never tried it before. However, his first Google search showed so many websites that he got confused as to how to choose the right rendering company for his goal. Moreover, some of the cgi companies are focused on one specialization only, while others provide the whole package of rendering services. So what option is better and what cg products each type of companies offer?

As a 3D architectural visualization company, we know all main specializations of cgi studios as well as their main features. Learn more about photorealistic rendering companies and their services in order to choose the right one at the first try.

#1. Interior Rendering Studios

Photorealistic Rendering for a Stylish Living Room Design

Target Audience

Interior photorealistic rendering companies make visuals for designers, real estate agents, developers and contractors. These materials are further used for project presentations, portfolios and marketing including content management, SMM, advertising and so on.

Services Rendered

There are two types of interior rendering – commercial cgi for hotels, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and residential 3D for any kind of dwelling. In addition, rendering companies offer different types of cg products. These include static 3D renders and interactive ones. The last group comprises virtual tours, 3D animations and virtual staging.

Software Used

The most common software used for photorealistic interior rendering is Blender, Google SketchUp, AutoDesk HomeStyler, Lumion and 3ds Max with its rendering plugins such as Vray and Corona Renderer.  


The average rendering cost is $20 per hour, but the final price depends on the number of angles and complexity of 3D modeling task if it’s needed.


CG companies’ briefs for photorealistic interior rendering projects include drawings, sketches, lighting references as well as mood inspirations. The secondary references are ready-made 3D models, scenes and texture samples to be used in the project.

#2. Architectural Rendering Companies

Photorealistic Rendering for a Commercial Exterior Design

Target Audience

Architectural photorealistic rendering companies create imagery for architects, real estate agents, developers and contractors. 3D visualization of architectural projects is widely used for presentations, portfolios and marketing content.

Services Rendered