5 Reasons Why 3D Restaurant Rendering Works

Restaurant rendering is a modern tool for creating visual representation of ideas that any hospitality interior designer has to use to stay relevant and keep up with competition. Creating a gorgeous design is the easy part compared to actually selling what is essentially a piece of paper. Presentation is key – and nowadays traditional means just don’t cut it.

There are lots of ways a designer can sell ideas with, sure. But there is no denial that it’s nearly impossible to convince potential customers or investors with sketches or PowerPoint slideshows. 3D visualizations are a trendy tool that you can use in design presentations with great success. Even complex interiors like restaurants are not a problem to create for an architectural rendering company. ArchiCGI offers you a better alternative to wasting time and paper: today you’ll learn 5 reasons why 3D visualizations will help you win contracts!

Restaurant Rendering: Winning The Contract

#1. 3D Visualizations Show Things That Don’t Exist Yet

5 Reasons Why 3D Restaurant Rendering Works Elegant Restaurant

You have a brilliant venue design in mind, but clients won’t buy it if they can’t see it. Here comes 3D restaurant rendering. The most important thing about CG is that it is used to visualize objects that aren’t created yet. This way you can show what you can do instead of telling – and we all know that this is the most convincing way to market your ideas.

#2. CGI Is More Effective And Flexible Than Hand-Drawn Sketches

5 Reasons Why 3D Restaurant Rendering Wins Conracts Stylish Restaurant

Freeform sketching is known to be a good exercise and an efficient ways of drafting designs. That is true until you reach the product presentation stage – doodles aren’t quite fit for this project stage. You need something solid – and 3D rendering is your best bet. Digital images are fully controllable and customisable, which is great at early production stages. Using online feedback services like CGI CRM you can oversee render creation process and constantly update details.

#3. 3D Graphics Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

5 Reasons Why 3D Restaurant Rendering Wins The Competition Cozy Restaurant