Cutting Technology You Need - Computer 3D Rendering

Keep hearing about Computer 3D Rendering from your partners, competitors and customers? Or, maybe, you are interested in what the outsource company you get 3D Renderings from is actually doing? Why do they need so much time and keep tweaking the rendering? Obviously, you have to know for sure what you are paying for. Besides, you’d like to consider other rendering products available on the market. Learn everything you need to know about Computer 3D Rendering!

Cutting Technology You Need - Computer 3D Rendering.

What Is Computer 3D Rendering

3D Rendering is the process of generation of 2D images from previously made 3D Model using 3D rendering engines. The software does the necessary calculations and combines all information about the light, texture and space.

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It’s All about the Teapot! 3D Rendering History

We owe the invention of 3D Rendering to three famous people – A. Sutherland, Ed Catmull and Martin Newell. A. Sutherland is notorious for creating Sketchpad – the software designed to create simple three-dimensional objects. Ed Catmull is the first person to have created the model of an object – his own wrist. Martin Newell worked on development of the rendering algorithms of graphic editor. First, he needed to try out the algorithms on the simple objects, such as a chess piece, donut and urn. When he started to look for a more complicated object for Computer 3D Rendering, his wife suggested he rendered a teapot. Which he did! As a result, the Utah Teapot became the symbol of the Rendering. As such, it often appears in cartoons – “Toy Story”, “The Simpsons”, “Monsters, Inc.”

The method of 3D Rendering was created by MAGI. The company have created SynthaVision software, which was primarily oriented to study radiation. Most importantly, it as based on the method of ray tracing, which is used in 3D Rendering process

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Computer 3D Rendering – One Term, Multiple Methods

Depending on the speed of processing and capacity of the the 3D Rendering software, there are two main types of rendering:

  1. Real-Time Rendering. To begin with, it is mostly used for video games. The images are loaded so fast, that it results in the illusion of movement. This way, we may say that it is Real-Time Rendering that makes the games interactive. Owing to the speed, the character reacts fast and interacts with the player. Obviously, such performance needs special 3D Rendering Software.
  2. Offline Pre-Rendering. It is used when the primary goal is the quality, w