Real estate marketing materials are the mainstay of getting in touch and developing ties with clients. Attractive and illustrative collateral makes a competitive advantage – and it’s vital in the highly-competitive real estate market.

Attracted by the opportunity for high earnings, new players emerge, eager to bite into other agents’ cuts. To succeed, they are using more and more sophisticated methods of acquiring new clients. They are building a powerful online presence and launching successful advertising campaigns that make classical marketing tactics look outdated in comparison.

Adhering to conservative approaches results in market leaders ceding ground to ambitious newcomers. To close more deals, the real estate broker may attempt to increase the outreach. However, the number of clients attracted falls short of expectations. So, to sustain the growth, the broker has to constantly invest increasingly large amounts into promotion.

Can real estate professionals avoid the vicious cycle? They sure do: by changing tactics and learning to stand out among competitors. The key to setting your offers apart is getting high-quality marketing visuals. As a 3D visualization company, we know how to take the imagery to the next level and make the offers shine. Let’s take a look at 5 sure ways to make customers call you after looking at the listings or going to your website.

#1. Use Interior and Exterior 3D Renderings for Listings

A Cozy Bedroom Visualization for Marketing Materials

Though a potential client is looking for factual information, it’s the image that makes him stop scrolling. And if he likes what he sees, the viewer will read further. Hence the need for extraordinary illustrations.

Photographs used to work just fine. Good composition, realistic lighting and relevant decor usually did the trick. The process, however, is trying. The realtor needs to find the right professional, squeeze into his busy schedule, wait for him to prepare the property, find the lighting and run around the house in search for the proper decor.

As a result, the realtor gets a rather standard-looking picture that merely informs.

But you can get real estate marketing materials that sell. 3D visualization shows the interior and exterior with photorealistic quality, while turning it into a beautiful story. 3D Artist will easily find the perfect lighting, add any kind of decor you like and make a show-stopping image that will attract plenty of visitors.

When it comes to exterior, the advantages of 3D graphics are even more remarkable. A 3D artist can choose the season that fits the housing unit best. No weather conditions can hamper creation of the most advantageous imagery. Aiming at local buyers? Consider using bird-eye views: locals are known for paying much attention to the neighbourhood, and an aerial render will effectively showcase it.

#2. Use 3D VR Panoramas for Websites

VR panoramas provide a 360° view of an interior, often with clickable doorways to other rooms. When used for marketing in real estate industry, they immerse the prospect into the cosy dwelling and ensure full understanding of the interior. Whether the viewer is in another state, or country, or beyond the ocean, he feels reassured by getting the information he needs. He enjoys walking through the house, imagining himself spending the time with family in the living room, treating his friends to delicious meals in the dining room and having fun.So he arranges for a visit and buys airline tickets at once.

All advantages of still 3D renders are also applicable to 3D panoramas. A 3D artist’s ability to fully control lighting is even more important because it can pose a challenge to a 360° camera to catch the light and shadow correctly. Moreover, any resolution is possible since rendering needs no physical matrix. And if the scene has already been built for another architecture visualization, the major part of work is done, so the real estate business owner pays only for rendering the 360° picture.

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

#3. Use 3D Animations for Social Media

Like a virtual reality panorama, a video gives a sense of presence comparable with a real visit to the housing unit. And it can be more than just looking around: the camera can move across the premises so that the viewer gets an understanding of the space and proportions. Also, videos can serve as extremely powerful marketing materials for real estate agents that bring customers from social networks.

When creating an architectural animation, a 3D artist is in full control of the scene. He or she can easily tweak the camera, the lights and materials, use any views and add any accessories available from the studio’s model repository. As a result, a 3D animation can showcase the advantages of the housing unit even more effectively then a video footage.

#4. Use Virtual Staging for All Marketing Imagery

After-Virtual Staging For A Cozy Bedroom
After-Virtual Staging For A Cozy Bedroom

Your real estate marketing materials can show the potential of a dwelling. After all, customers aren’t looking for someone else’s house, but for possibility to create a perfect space for themselves. A few easy touches, such as adding furniture to a bare room, or a pretty garden outside will open their eyes to what they can get. And that’s something virtual staging can help you with.

#5. Get Floor Plans for Listings and Websites

3D Floor Plan for Real Estate Marketing
Space Plan Used in Marketing

Floor plans help real estate marketing materials deliver a more complete picture of the real estate unit. A viewer can quickly estimate the layout as well as the dimensions and proportions, and see the uses each functional zone will find. Providing floor plans dispels doubts, thus making clients more certain to contact the realtor.

But to stand out, you need real estate marketing materials that give more value. What if you could not only show the layout of a property, but also give an overview of each room? That’s what 3D floor plan is for. Go the extra mile for your viewers, and you will always have many clients.

Or, better still, make your real estate marketing materials do this job – and you’ll be sure to stand out and get the best deals for your clients.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

Real estate marketing materials are like sales managers that work for your business 24/7. So hiring the good ones is crucial. And with competition that high, it’s necessary to make sure they are actually the best. Use ArchiCGI 3D rendering services to take your visuals to the next level and turn them into powerful assets.

Irma Prus
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