In the competitive niche of hospitality architecture, 3D rendering has become indispensable. Whether for marketing or presentations, the demand for immersive and realistic visualizations continues to soar. And oftentimes, it becomes impossible to produce a sufficient number of high-quality renderings in-house. In this case, architects face the choice between engaging a CGI studio or freelancers. So, what to opt for when commissioning a hospitality architectural 3D rendering?

Our 3D visualization company works with many hospitality architects and designers, providing them with high-quality CGI. Many of them came to us after having worked with freelance artists. So we know the specifics of both options. And we can make a strong case for choosing a large studio over freelancers for hospitality 3D rendering commissions. What are the benefits of this choice? Let’s find out!

#1. Extensive Library of Materials and Models

Screenshot of 3D Models Library

One of the key factors in choosing a studio over freelance artists for hospitality architectural 3D rendering is the access to a library of CG assets. Any large 3D visualization company has an extensive library of materials and models, including those of furniture and décor from renowned brands. In contrast, freelancers often lack such comprehensive resources. This leads to prolonged timelines as they need to search for suitable elements in online stocks.

#2. Consistent On-Brand Visuals

Hospitality Interior 3D Rendering

Managing large projects, like 3D visualization of a hotel complex or a luxury restaurant, is a daunting task for one freelancer. That’s because the scope of work might include numerous renderings: for the exterior, lobby, bar, amenities, and so on. Furthermore, there might be a need for not only still renders but also animations or virtual tours. 

When numerous tasks must be done in parallel, hiring multiple freelance artists may seem a workable solution. However, this approach introduces certain challenges. Freelancers may deliver CG images of varying quality and style because they do not work in a team and have no communication with each other. In contrast, a large CGI company can ensure on-brand consistency across all aspects of visuals. That’s because a project will be assigned to a well-organized team. 

#3. Centralized Project Management

Hotel Room Interior Rendering

Coordinating different freelancers poses a significant challenge when it comes to hospitality architectural 3D rendering. It requires a lot of time and energy as freelance artists might have varying working hours, delivery times, and often even time zones. Ideally, a single expert should be aware of all the requirements and oversee the project’s execution. This is exactly what project managers in CGI studios do. With a dedicated PM, communication inside the team of 3D artists is streamlined. As a result, the progress is aligned with a client’s vision, ensuring a smooth workflow and effective realization of design goals.

#4. Accessibility and Timeliness

Cafe 3D Rendering

Freelancers usually cannot be available 24/7. More often than not, they wouldn’t work on weekends. And sometimes, their workload wouldn’t allow them to carry out urgent requests. 

But in the dynamic field of hospitality design, quick turnarounds can be essential. The good news is that large architectural 3D rendering studios with a scalable team of professionals can efficiently deal with time-sensitive tasks.

#5. High Quality and Impeccable Photorealism 

Hospitality architectural 3D rendering demands the highest level of quality and realism. This is because clients who can afford to invest in hotels and restaurants are quite hard to impress. A low-quality, cartoonish 3D rendering will look unprofessional in their eyes. 

Freelancers may not always meet the standards, potentially delivering results that fall short of the desired realism. While CGI studios, with their well-coordinated teams and vast technological resources, can guarantee the required quality. Just take a look at our article on hotel rendering and see for yourself.

#6. Streamlined Collaboration and Full-Service Capability

Restaurant Interior 3D Rendering

The constant search for new 3D rendering contractors complicates project management. So, the ideal scenario for hospitality architects is to find a reliable partner capable of covering all visualization needs — from renders to drawings to Revit models. 

Large architectural rendering companies offer a comprehensive solution. They provide a one-stop shop for all architectural rendering requests. This not only simplifies their clients’ workflow but also ensures a consistent and high-quality output.

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A professional architectural rendering studio is not just a service provider. It can be a trusted partner invested in elevating your success to new heights. Quick delivery, consistent quality, and easy management are what distinguish collaboration with CGI studios from working with freelance 3D artists when it comes to hospitality architectural 3D rendering.

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Stacey Mur
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Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.