3D Renderings for Los Angeles Projects: 3 Things to Consider When Making Them

How to create authentic-looking 3D renderings for Los Angeles architectural projects? There’s much more to it than just following a brief. In fact, 3D artists need to factor in several aspects to ensure that the visuals convey the atmosphere of the place in the most realistic way. Furthermore, knowledge of the local LA environment and design specifics helps CG experts streamline the 3D visualization process, as they don’t have to refer to the architect for clarification as much.

In this article, the specialists of our architectural rendering company are going to share 3 crucial aspects they always take into account when visualizing Los Angeles-based designs. Also, we’ve prepared a case study about the 3D renderings our studio created for one of such projects. Let’s take a look!

#1. Architecture

3D Renderings for Los Angeles Modern Residence Concept
3D Renderings for Los Angeles Mansion Design

The first thing that helps CG artists create great 3D renderings of Los Angeles projects is knowing the local architecture. That includes being aware of both past and current design trends, as well as materials used in construction.

The Los Angeles area boasts a great diversity of architectural styles from Spanish Colonial Revival to Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern and many more. Being familiar with their specifics, 3D visualization specialists can easily understand the architect’s assignment without asking extra questions. As a result, they are able to deliver top-quality renderings much sooner.

#2. Environment

3D Renderings for Los Angeles Villa on the Beach Concept
3D Renderings for Los Angeles White Modern House Design

Designing life-like CG surroundings for architectural concepts located in Los Angeles is vital for creating realistic exterior renderings. For that, 3D artists need to have a solid understanding of what the landscape in the area looks like. Naturally, some things will be more recognizable than others. For instance, ocean views, desert hills, and palm trees will unmistakably point to Southern California. Our 3D artists always perform thorough research of typical local vegetation and other details so that the renderings require few to no corrections.

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#3. Mood

3D Renderings for Los Angeles House Surrounded with Cacti and Palms
3D Renderings for Los Angeles House by the Water Design

High-quality 3D renderings of Los Angeles projects should not only accurately depict the architectural designs and their surroundings. They also need to convey the feel of the place. What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of LA? Probably, the quiet residences bathing in the sunshine during the day and stunning pink and purple sunsets in the evenings. And at night, the entire city of Los Angeles lights up, creating a mesmerizing view. Overall, the mood of this one-of-a-kind place can best be described as tranquil, yet full of life.

#4. Successful Project Case Study

3D Renderings for Los Angeles Spanish-style Bungalow with a Character Model
3D Renderings for Los Angeles Spanish-style Bungalow: Front VIew

Above are the results of the ADU 3D rendering project we completed for our partners from Cottage company. It involved creating a set of visualizations for a stylish bungalow in Los Angeles. Thanks to our team’s expertise, the 3D renderings accurately depict the design and style specifics. Local greenery and warm Californian sunlight further enhance the aesthetic appeal of this already elegant build. Our artist even created and added a 3D character model to the render to emphasize the free-spirited and relaxed LA lifestyle. As you can see, keeping in mind the above-mentioned aspects of 3D renderings for Los Angeles projects is what elevates them to the next level.

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Those were the three things CG artists need to consider when making 3D renderings for Los Angeles projects. You may think that those nuances are quite subtle. And yet they make all the difference when it comes to producing realistic CGI for architects working in the sunlit city and suburbs of LA. That’s why our team always pays close attention to those aspects.

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