Real Estate 3D Case Studies: Selection of the Top 7 Projects by ArchiCGI

Advanced 3D visualization has become an integral part of today’s property marketing. How does it look in practice? Our architectural rendering studio works with hundreds of real estate specialists to elevate their presentations and promo materials. From luxury villas to urban developments, we can make any project shine with CGI. For that, we offer various visual formats. The solutions include static renders, animations, and virtual tours. Interested to see them all in action and learn about their unique advantages? Take a look at our 7 best real estate 3D case studies! 

#1. CGI for an Oceanfront Estate in California

Real Estate 3D Rendering Exterior

The first of our case studies is about the creation of 3D rendering for real estate marketing of a luxury oceanfront estate in Carmel, CA. Here, our team had technical specifications, photographs, and environmental references to work with. Based on them, using the photo matching technique, our 3D artists created 4 photorealistic exterior renderings that effectively demonstrated the property’s appeal. The client used 3D visualizations on various real estate platforms and PR channels. 

#2. CG Renders for Real Estate in Vermont

Real Estate Rooftop Terrace Rendering

The second on the list of our top real estate 3D case studies is one about the CGI for real estate property called “City Gardens” in Vermont. DagesseCo, the developer, wanted to start pre-selling units in this boutique apartment complex. So they commissioned photorealistic CGI for the exteriors and interiors to show how the project would look when finished.

The client provided detailed references, including exterior drawings, floor plans, a Revit model of the building, and links to preferred furnishings and materials. Using this brief, our 3D artists produced 5 renderings: two exterior, two interior, and a rooftop shot. These 3D visuals focused on the modern design and comfort of the place. The imagery was used for the real estate company’s landing page and even featured in a local online newspaper.

#3. Virtual Tour for Real Estate Complex in San Diego

The next one of our real estate 3D visualization case studies is about making a virtual tour for a real estate complex called The Blend. This complex of upscale townhomes is located in San Diego, California. Commissioned by the Compass Agency, the project involved creating photorealistic 3D tours of different townhome interiors. Our 3D artist used the provided floor plans and an interior moodboard as references to create panoramic renders of the rooms. They were then joined into interactive tours with the Pano2VR program. 

The resulting tours were put on the real estate project’s website, allowing the prospective buyers to get a feel of the homes long before they were constructed. This real estate 3D project is a testament to the marketing potential of this CGI type.

#4. CG Rendering for Real Estate in Florida

Real Estate 3D Rendering from Bird's Eye View

In this case, we created 3D rendering for real estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This home boasted great location and design but it was not yet finished. The realtor wanted to start marketing the residence while it was under construction – and that’s where 3D visualization came in.

The brief included technical specifications such as floor and landscape plans, along with numerous drone photos of the location. This allowed 3D artists to create highly detailed and photorealistic images showing the house from three angles: front, rear, and bird’s eye view (the latter was made using the photo matching technique). With the cost of a residence of $5 million, the 3D presentation needed to showcase the luxury lifestyle offered by the place – and it absolutely succeeded in doing so. 

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

The 3D images were successfully used to promote the home on online real estate marketplaces such as Zillow and Trulia. By now, the house has already found its owner. So this one of our real estate 3D case studies proves how useful 3D rendering can be for marketing efforts. 

#5. Real Estate 3D Renders for a House in Chicago

Real Estate Interior Rendering

In this case, we created a comprehensive set of 3D real estate renderings for a stylish home in Chicago. At the time, its construction had not yet begun, but the real estate specialists wanted to start off their marketing campaign in advance. 

The scope of work involved making detailed exterior and interior visuals emphasizing modern architectural design and elegant living spaces. Initial specifications included floor plans and material references. The 3D visuals we created included three exterior renderings, four interior ones, and three 3D floor plans – all in 4K resolution. To complete the visuals faster, we distributed the work between four CG artists. 

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

Just a couple of weeks after the CGI project completion, the real estate company got an inquiry from a potential client. They wanted to see the house in another color scheme – and we were glad to provide a render for that too.

#6. CG Rendering for a Residential Lot in Marin County

Next on the list of our best real estate 3D case studies is 3D property rendering and animation for a residential lot in Marin County, California. It was also commissioned by Compass Real Estate Agency. Here, our 3D artists needed to showcase a residence and a guest house that could potentially be built on the lot. We used architectural models and drone footage sent by the client to produce 12 photorealistic visualizations (both interior and exterior) and an animation that showcased the property’s design and layout. The real estate company successfully used the visuals in their listings to promote the lot.

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

#7. Land Subdivision 3D Animation for Magnolia Place

The last of our real estate 3D case studies is a bit different from the others. Here you can see an animated land subdivision 3D visualization of Magnolia Place in Wisconsin. It aimed to showcase the potential subdivision of the area into lots. Using drone footage overlaid with CGI, we provided two versions of the animation. One demonstrated a schematic layout and the other included 3D models of the houses to help the potential buyers imagine how the lots would look when developed. The client appreciated the result, which worked great for driving interest and property sales.

Present your architectural project like a work of art with AI-powered CGI

These seven real estate 3D case studies show how CG visualization can be efficiently used to promote real estate – even when it’s in the construction or design phase. Photoreal 3D renders, tours, and animation allow realtors and developers to provide a glimpse into future properties and catch the attention of prospects early on.

Looking for 3D rendering services to boost your real estate marketing? Contact us to get top-tier 3D artists with over 10 years of experience creating stunning visuals for you! 

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