CGI Artist and Architect make a powerful team. While the latter creates fantastic creative projects to make the world more comfortable and beautiful, the former helps showcase them to decision-makers before construction using 3D rendering. In a whirl of meetings, important decisions to make and loads of communication the Architect could really use help and a get a leverage for project success. And here are 7 situations when CGI Artist and architectural rendering company can take a load off his shoulders and offer new opportunities to get results.

7 Cases When CGI Artist Helps Assure Project’s Success

#1. When In Need To Reach A Common Understanding

How CGI Artist Can Help An Architect With Project Presentation Materials

Construction process demands efforts of various specialists, so Architects need to collaborate with many project participants. But how to convey the complex details to all the team members? Well, using photorealistic rendering, professional 3D Artist can see to that. Looking at professional 3D visualization, all the collaborators will form a shared idea. Moreover, using CGI, it is easy to hold a distance meeting so that the whole team could be on the same page.

#2. When It Makes Sense To Present Several Options

Smashing House Exterior Rendering Created By A CGI Artist For Project Presentation

What if the Architect wants to show a variety of choices? Then all he needs to do is set the task to a CGI Artist. 3D services for Architects allow demonstrating, say, various cladding options or types of the façade in all their glory. This way, Client selects the exact solution he prefers, based on what it will look like in reality. And it can be fun, too, as CGI Artist can create a set of 3D renders and a 3D animation – thus making the presentation quite a spectacle. This way, 3D graphics help improve the customer experience and ultimately score some positive referrals.

#3. When The Presentation Has To Take The Breath Away

When presenting a concept to a jury or the company decision-makers, it sure is vital to highlight the skills, a thorough preparation and every unique feature that brings value. But how does one stand out among strong competitors? CGI Artists knows how to help Architect to leave a lasting impression. For he can provide the latter with materials that convey the strengths of the concept with photorealistic effect and Hollywood impact.

CGI will help show any kind of project from all angles, infuse it with emotion and atmosphere – whether this is an amazing rooftop terrace with a swimming pool or the imposing facade with panoramic windows reflecting the sunset. Moreover, CGI Artist can create 3D models for Virtual Reality for full immersion into the design. Whatever means chosen, these visuals will look like a piece of art. There’s no way the audience forgets that impactful display of professional skills and talent!

#4. When The Visual Impact Defines Commercial Success Of A Design

7 Ways CGI Artist Enhances Architectural Projects: Office Exterior, Angle View

One cannot possibly overestimate the importance of CGI when working with commercial exterior design. The latter presents the brand in general and carries a promise of a memorable experience – to guests as well as employees. Moreover, the facade of the commercial building will be featured in all advertising materials aimed at alluring visitors, so it is quite a strategic choice for the business owners.

CGI Artist can provide Architect with photoreal materials of ultimate persuasion. He can show the building in the day and night lighting, humanize with people figures representing customers and employees, create an appealing environment with CGI or even add the building to the photography with the real surroundings. This way, business owners, who respect facts and figures, receive the exhaustive information on the project.

#5. When Expanding Architectural Portfolio

Sometimes, excellent projects do not see the light of day – owing to lack of funding, or because the client opted for a different version. CGI Artist can create photoreal images for them to be used in digital marketing – in company’s portfolio, social media, and advertising. This way, instead of getting forgotten, they attract new clients and increase customer engagement.

#6. When Looking For Crystal Clear Understanding With The Client

7 Ways A CGI Artist Can Help An Architect: Hotel Rendering In Lush Greenery

Effective communication between an Architect and Client is a key to the project success. And CGI Artist is just the person who can help with illustrating a concept so that the audience doesn’t have any questions left. This way, all corrections take place before construction stage, based on photoreal CGI materials, and the client knows exactly what he gets. This is the best scenario for an Architecture firm, for it guarantees the client satisfaction.

#7. When It’s Crucial To Show The Client His Idea In Reality

How CGI Artist Helps Architects Reach Understanding With Clients

The primary task of an Architect is to find the best way to achieve clients’ goals. Sometimes though, client’s wishes can be risky and contradictory from the point of view of style or comfort. The Architect finds himself in a difficult position: how to prove his client wrong and stay on good terms? Quite often, sensible arguments and drawings fail to do the task. So CGI Artist can create a visual proof for the Architect’s words. The photorealistic 3D visualization shows the results of clients’ solution and ensures the professional and effective dialogue.

A skilled CGI Artist can assure that the presentations are impeccable, with all the concept’s benefits highlighted and visual appeal made obvious. During the project development, 3D visualization services help ensure the understanding and present ideas with detail and effect that will make for a memorable presentation. For powerful CGI materials, contact ArchiCGI. We will provide you with high-quality 3D visualizations, 3D animations, panoramas and 3D models that will convey your project’s benefits and visual impact.

Keith Gardner
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