The Timeframe of a CGI Project



The Timeframe of a CGI Project

Checking the Time to Work on 3D Rendering

The time for an architectural visualization project largely depends on its scale. With small rooms and buildings, it usually takes about 1-2 days. Medium-scaled projects take 3-4 days on average. Large-scale ones, such as commercial interiors and exteriors, can take from 3 to 15 days. And finally, building a whole city block can take anywhere from 15 days to several months of work.

However, it’s possible to produce stunning 3D architecture visualization even quicker than that. In fact, at ArchiCGI we can deliver projects of any scale within only 1 week. All thanks to our efficient work process and years of experience on the market. Particularly, these factors contribute the most here:

1) Our team of professionals. We have a whole community of 3D architectural rendering experts, who are always ready to start;

2) Powerful hardware. We own a render farm that has enough computing power to speed up the rendering process many times;

3) Our own library of 3D assets. We also have a cloud-based library of 3D models that we’ve built ourselves. Its convenient filter system allows our clients to easily find any additional objects they might need for a scene;

4) Custom CRM system. Our highly qualified project managers and a tailored online CRM system help to save our clients hours and even days of valuable time;

5) Highly organized teamwork. When working on large projects, we break them down into smaller tasks. Then, a team lead helps to organize their performance as a unified process.

Make sure your exterior design project takes your clients’ breath away

CGI Team Roles

Architectural 3D Rendering Artist at Work

A team lead, who’s either a project manager or a senior CGI specialist, plays one of the key roles in the process. In the case of a complex assignment, such as visualization of a block or an entire city, they divide the work between 3D artists and then gather all the components into one scene. A team lead also makes sure that visual continuity is maintained throughout all the images.

Regardless of the scope of work, every 3D architectural rendering team also has a mentor who is responsible for quality control. And there’s always a project manager responsible for meeting deadlines and maintaining standards of work.


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