Word of mouth marketing has long been recognized as a powerful tool for businesses across various industries. And architecture is no exception. So, what is word of mouth marketing? Simply put, it’s an organic spread of positive recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients, colleagues, and industry professionals. That being said, the question is: how to get word of mouth marketing to work for architects? 

Our 3D rendering studio collaborates with numerous architects to boost their businesses. And we enjoy regularly getting word of mouth referrals from them! So, today we offer you a bit of our expertise. We will help you to answer the question of how to get word of mouth marketing to work for you to unlock new opportunities. Let’s get into it!

#1. Deliver Exceptional Services

Working with Clients in an Architect's Office

We’ll start with the obvious one: excel at what you do. But in this context, that includes not just being a skilled architect. You should also ensure high-quality customer experience. By consistently providing outstanding services, an architect can create a lasting positive impression. It will encourage clients to share their experiences and recommend this expert to others. 

There are several strategies architects can use to enhance the quality of their services and make word of mouth marketing work. Here are some of them.

  • In the design world, the array of options to choose from can overwhelm the customers. Filtering these choices down is a great way to add value to your services. By offering curated selections and guidance through decision-making processes, you can streamline the experience and demonstrate your expertise. 3D rendering for home builders is a great way to present different options in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • Focus on the budget and try to proactively protect the customers from extraneous costs. It showcases your commitment to their best interests and builds trust. Provide transparent guidance to ensure budgetary considerations are respected. “Can you imagine? This architect saved me a couple of thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t even have thought of this on my own!” is exactly how you want to be described by your customers to their friends and neighbors. 
  • Prepare a well-ordered package of useful information at the end of a project to enhance the overall experience. It can include warranties, maintenance guidelines, and any other pertinent details that will be useful to the property owner in the long term. 
  • Offer professional photos of the completed project. This not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also serves as a tangible representation of your expertise. And, it increases the chances that customers will want to boast on Instagram about their new home and tag you.

All in all, it boils down to the simple fact that there are a lot of architects, but not all of them are a delight to work with. So, don’t forget you’re not only creating an architectural design but also a curated experience.

#2. Build Strong Relationships with Clients

Architect Presenting a Design

Establishing strong working relationships is paramount in making word of mouth marketing work. Effective communication and personalized service play a vital role in fostering these relationships. You can implement various tactics to improve your collaboration. 

  • Recognizing that everyone is different is fundamental. You should actively listen to homeowners. Tailor your services to meet their specific needs and preferences. 
  • Putting clients at ease is crucial, considering that they entrust their property and finances to you. Make sure that they feel in control throughout the design, construction, and completion stages. 
  • Establishing a clear brief from the outset helps to understand the scope of the project and manage expectations. The same is true for the budget: you have to be honest and realistic about it, and clearly communicate any project costs and fees.
  • Regular updates on project progress are a must. 
  • Make sure your customer has one person who’s communicating with them through all the stages so they don’t have to adjust to a new one every couple of weeks.
  • Make yourself (or your project manager) available as much as possible. The speed of your response translates directly into satisfaction with your services.
  • Keep in touch after the project is finished. Even something as small as liking a customer’s Instagram photo will ensure they’ll think of you when their friends ask if they can recommend an architect. 

#3. Encourage Client Testimonials and Reviews

Architect's Client Leaving a Review

In today’s digital age, online testimonials are crucial for making word of mouth marketing work. People actively seek out reviews to gain confidence in selecting architecture services. So, if you’re looking for the answer to how to get word of mouth marketing to boost your architectural business, you can (and should) actively encourage clients to leave positive feedback. Here are some effective strategies to do so.

  • Be frank and explain the benefits of leaving feedback at the start of the project, emphasizing how positive reviews can help your business grow. You can also motivate customers to leave reviews by offering a small discount, a bonus service, or another form of incentive.
  • Ask clients if they would like to leave a review shortly after the project’s completion. Choose an appropriate moment and be polite in your request. And if they don’t reply immediately, don’t hesitate to follow up after some time and kindly remind them about giving the feedback.
  • Ensure that leaving a review is easy. Provide clear instructions and make it simple to share the experiences of working with you. You can even provide a template or automate the feedback in some other way. 
  • Respond to existing reviews, express gratitude, and show attentiveness. This demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

#4. Showcase Your Work and Be Memorable

3D Exterior Rendering for Marketing

How to get word of mouth marketing to be efficient? Never shy away from boasting about your work, and try to make the impression last. Here are key strategies to accomplish this

  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio that showcases your best designs. It should emphasize your unique approach and attention to detail. Tailor the portfolio to highlight your specific strengths and expertise.
  • Take advantage of social media and other online platforms to share your work and engage with a wider audience. Regularly update your profiles with high-quality images and 3D renderings, project descriptions, and testimonials. That allows potential customers to discover your work and provides an avenue for them to share their positive experiences.
  • Find your niche and play to your strengths. Identify what sets you apart from other architects and develop a distinct brand identity that reflects your unique style and approach. 

#5. Network and Collaborate

Architects Networking

Other architects are not only your competitors. They are also your colleagues, and it’s wise to make the most of your communication with them. 

  • Networking and referrals from other professionals are valuable assets to get word of mouth marketing you want. So, establish relationships with fellow experts and influencers in the industry. And if someone refers a client to you, don’t forget to do the same for them when you have the chance.
  • By attending industry events, participating in online forums, and joining professional organizations, you can increase your visibility within the architectural community. This can help to establish your reputation and make it more likely to boost word of mouth marketing. 
  • Networking can often lead to partnerships and collaborations with other professionals and broaden the scope of potential projects.
  • Knowledge exchange within the community can help you improve your practices. In its turn, it boosts the quality of your work and your reputation. 
  • There’s also a chance of sharing resources with colleagues, from materials to staff. This could enhance your ability to deliver exceptional work, leading to more satisfied clients who then spread the word about their positive experiences.

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Making sure your clients are satisfied and eager to talk about you is the most vital part of the answer to how to get word of mouth marketing work for you. It brings the best customers who are already more inclined to trust you and are less likely to question your price. So, take note and make the most out of word of mouth marketing!

Need to refresh your portfolio or impress potential clients? There’s no better way to go about that than with high-quality 3D renders. So, if you’re looking for architectural rendering services, drop us a line to get stellar presentation or marketing imagery at a reasonable price! 

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